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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Fusenews: Peepy Goes Walkabout

I think it is safe to say that the very first authors to dip so much as a single toe into the new Children’s Center at 42nd Street were none other than YA mavericks Lisa Yee and Eric Luper.  They came when we were still in our crazed are-we-ready-to-open-yet????? phase, and were mighty accomodating to our loopiness.  However, that very day tragedy struck.  Eric’s account of the day is here.  The first part of Lisa’s heartbreaking tragedy is with a wrap-up here.  Oh.  And if any of you are wondering why Eric’s post has a picture of me with my arm wrapped way way way outside the comfort circle of Ms. Yee, she was ill.  It was her wish not to spread germs and so I accomodated in as goofy a posture as possible.

  • Sometimes I like to plug theatrical events as they come my way.  The Lifetime Theater in Chicago performs picture book productions outside of the usual scope.  Here’s something from their most recent press release for those of you within hopping distance of The Windy City:

Lifeline Theatre KidSeries presents the world premiere musical “Flight of the Dodo,” based on the hilarious new story by Peter Brown, adapted by Lifeline ensemble member Robert Kauzlaric, music by Lifeline ensemble member Victoria DeIorio, and directed by Lifeline ensemble member Paul S. Holmquist.   Tired of getting pooped on? So is Penguin, when one too many geeses (or is it gooses?) uses his new tux coat as a target. Together with his flightless friends Ostrich, Kiwi and Cassowary, he takes to the skies to teach those geese a lesson!  Take flight with this misfit crew in their hot air balloon named Dodo on this scatological journey, as they learn that to realize our dreams we have to look beyond our differences and work together.   “Flight of the Dodo” runs in repertory with the family hit “Snowflake Tim’s Big Holiday Adventure” during the holiday season.   This production is appropriate for children ages five to ten, and runs about one hour with no intermission.  Author/illustrator Brown will be at Lifeline on Sunday, January 18, 2009, 12 noon-1 p.m., to sign copies of his books, which are on sale in the lobby . WHERE: Lifeline Theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

  • Here’s a tip for a forward thinking author or illustrator.  Let us say that you are due to have a book signing before a famous person of some sort.  Perhaps you would like to get their notice in some way.  So howzabout autographing and illustrating a picture for them in a copy of your own book?  That’s exactly what Adam Rex did for one John Hodgman (a.k.a. the only celebrity to link to my blog) and it got him a Hodgman-rific review as a result.  I tell you, between Peter Brown’s popularity with Jon Stewart’s kid, the presence of people like Samantha Bee and John Oliver at 826NYC, and Rex’s connection to Hodgman we’re growing closer and closer to the ultimate goal: A children’s author getting to talk about their book on The Daily Show.  Oh sure, Sherman Alexie spoke on Colbert, but they didn’t even discuss his book.  Plus he was an adult author first.  We can do better.

  • Daily Image:

The winners of Unshelved’s annual Pimp My Bookcart competition have been announced.  Now I live in Columbia University married student housing, so I know I should be faithful to those that provide me with shelter.  But honestly, don’t you think the winner should have been the UCSD bookcart shown here?

And check out the Flickr pics of the creation of the bookcart here if you get a chance.  They wuz robbed!

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  1. teacherninja says:

    They really wuz robbed. This one jumped out right away. Great stuff.

  2. I want one of those Dr. Seuss-inspired bookcarts – and I’m not even a librarian!!!
    (but if you let me drive, I’d volunteer a few hours…)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Um . . . a couple of people have thrown your name about as a possible Peepnapper. Not that I believe them.

  4. Don’t believe a word they say. My peepnapping days are long since past. I’m reformed, I tells ya! Reformed!