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Video Sunday: Portrait of a Skeleton as a Young . . . Skeleton

Who Is Señor Calavera from Yuyi Morales on Vimeo.

The talented illustrator is a true artist. Particularly if the realm of pupeteership is within their grasp. After hearing countless schoolchildren ask her, "really, who is Señor Calavera?" time and time again, award winner Yuyi Morales decided to come up with this little video. The world’s cuddliest skeleton goes in for a bit of soul-searching (so to speak). The Gabriel Garcia Marquez reference is particularly choice.

You’ve heard librarian songs before, I trust, and this one is little different. It’s primary distinguishing characteristic is the peeved tone to the words. And as someone who has had to recently reduce almost all copies of books in her collection down to a measely two copies apiece, this ditty hits me where I live.

Thanks to Cheryl Rainfield for the link.

I would have missed this one had Roger Sutton not posted it on his own blog.  How is it that Brokeback Mountain became such a cultural touchstone?  And are any of you still mad that it didn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture?  It’s not as if I’m not anyone walking around quoting lines from Crash or making mock-Crash trailers these days.

Reminds me of Brokeback to the Future, only better cut.  Thanks to Read Roger for the link.

I’m liking these little Noggin commercials they have going on for picture books. I like them partly because LOOK! So THAT’S what Bob Shea looks like! This is one of those books I kept meaning to review at some point this year and never got around to. I s’pose there’s still time, of course. In any case, enjoy this fun retelling.

Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
from bob shea on Vimeo.

Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link.

And finally, for the last silly vid of the day . . .  whiteboard Pong. 

Thanks to Swiss Miss for the link.


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  1. teacherninja says:

    Dinosaur Roar is awesome! My 5-yr-old daughter loves it (and loves to do the roars) even though Roger Sutton called it a boys book!