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A Fuse #8 Production
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WBBT Schedule – Day Four

The tour in all its unholy magnificence continues!  In brief: Martin Millar at Chasing Ray John Green at Writing and Ruminating Beth Kephart at Hip Writer Mama Emily Ecton at Bildungsroman John David Anderson at Finding Wonderland Brandon Mull at The YA YA YAs Lisa Papademetriou at Mother Reader

Reporting: Penguin Young Readers Group Spring 2009 Librarian Preview

Penguins are the hip animals right now, so all the more reason for Penguin to be the hip publisher.  Though their offices are nearer Film Forum than Midtown, there’s nothing I like more than a nice Penguin preview to liven up my week.  Which is to say, this was only the second preview at Penguin […]

Fusenews: We’re Going on a Blog Hunt. We’re Gonna Quote a Big One!

Justification! Sweet glorious justification!  Last year I cooed and ooed and went seven kinds of gaga over the version of Lear’s The Owl and the Pussycat that was illustrated by Stephane Jorisch.  But it didn’t really catch on like I wanted it too.  That made me feel sad.  But guess what?  Canada’s Governor General Literary Awards were […]

WBBT Interview – Ellen Klages

Sweet jeebus, Ellen Klages is awesome. No, I’m sorry, I’m not going to pretend to be a disinterested party here.  Because it is frigging true, and here’s the proof.  The woman, a master of the fantasy genre, goes out and writes a work of children’s historical fiction called The Green Glass Sea, right?  Everything from […]

WBBT Tour – Day Three

Don’t forget to check out the other interviewers and interviewees around and about the cyberspace.  As always, Chasing Ray has the breathtaking round-up, but if you want to go direct: Emily Jenkins at Writing and Ruminating Ally Carter at Miss Erin Mark Peter Hughes at Hip Writer Mama Sarah Darer Littman at Bildungsroman MT Anderson […]

Fusenews: Late Night "I Don’t Feel Like Including Any Images" Edition

Oz and Ends had a great piece up lately called Gaiman on Milne on Grahame in which he discovers a 2001 interview with Neil Gaiman discussing A.A. Milne’s love of that obscure little title The Wind in the Willows. Gaiman says, "And The Wind in the Willows was a dud: it was completely forgotten to […]

Review of the Day: Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

Every Soul a Star By Wendy Mass Little, Brown and Company $16.99 ISBN: 978-0-316-03313-8 Ages 8-14 On shelves now Natural phenomena lend themselves to children’s literature. Picture books, for example, are filled with fireflies, rainbows, and shooting stars. Then the child readers get a little older and the phenomena get more complex. The death of […]


A critical review of the film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas has just appeared on Horn Book.  Boy oh boy I wouldn’t wanna be that writer when the pro-Pajama factions align.  What kind of fool would dare to put down . . . oh . . . um . . .  uh-oh. – Thanks to […]

Winter Book Blast Tour (Not Here!)

Don’t forget that there are a plethora of fine and fancy interviews out there for you today.  Here’s a taste of what you might find: Ellen Dalow at Chasing Ray Tony DiTerlizzi at Miss Erin Melissa Walker at Hip Writer Mama Luisa Plaja at Bildungsroman DM Cornish at Finding Wonderland LJ Smith at The YA […]

Introducing the Children’s Center at 42nd Street

It’s what they call in the business a "soft" opening.  Not a lot of hullaballoo at first.  You just open the doors and wait for people to wander in. About a half a year ago, as some of you might recall, I was desperately worried about the potential fate of New York Public Library’s Central […]

WBBT Interview – Louis Sachar!

You will hear a lot of talk these days about Newbery winners and whether or not they are "kid-friendly", "readable", or "popular".  This same debate raises its ugly head on such a regular basis that you could probably time when the next one begins (my prediction: 3 1/2 years).  That’s why it’s so nice to […]

Other Lovely WBBT Interviews of the Day

It’s that most wonderful time of the season, yet again.  The time when bloggers come together to do interviewing and do it right.  Yes!  It’s the Winter Blast Blog Tour, hosted and organized by Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray.  For regular updates on the tour you should consult her site regularly.  Today, as you can […]

Kidlit Drink Night at Bar Nine (NOT Faces & Names)

Again, just a quick reminder that if you’re joining us for Kidlit Drink Night tonight at 6:30 we will be at Bar Nine and NOT Faces & Names as originally advertised.  You have been warned.

Video Sunday: "It’s Not Appetizing. Why Do You Think the Guy Doesn’t Want to Eat it for 30 Pages?"

Someone should go out and systematically characterize the different levels of nerdom out there.  Otherwise, how am I suppose to catalog myself when I fall goofy-in-love with a video as nerdalicious as this?  A group of anti-Walmart advocates have found the perfect way to make their case: spoof Harry Potter.  The result is an oddly […]

Fusenews: Bikbussen!

You know, you can shave your head for a charitable organization and that’s fine.  It’s your call.  I mean, shaved heads are kind of "in" right now, but I’m sure that for some guys it would be a hardship.  But you know what’s even gutsier than shaving hair?  Growing it.  Particularly when all you are […]