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Video Sunday: Puppets From Muppets to Man

This is a video I sincerely wish I could embed on this blog, because it is without a doubt a magnificent idea.   Award winning photographer Eamonn McCabe went about Britain photographing various writers’ studios.  You can see the results here, and it’s a delight.  Russell Hoban’s is described as "the best room ever" shortly after being condemned as a health hazard.  It would be nice if someone did something like this here in New York of picture book artists’ workspaces.  Thanks to Stefan Dreisbach-Williams for the link.

So Elmo, Judy Blume, Bill O’Reilly, and Christopher Paolini walk into a bar and Elmo says:

It’s all part of the Books = Gifts campaign.  Thanks to Galleycat for the link.

I was told that if you go to this site you can watch Arthur A. Levine reading from his own personal personalized hand-written copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.  I say "I was told" because for some reason the sound isn’t working for me at the moment.  I’m also feeling a bit petulant since my children’s room didn’t get the copy seen here for display.  It’s three floors above us in the same building but it’s not the same.  Whine whine pout pout, falls to the floor in a fit of the vapors.  Thanks to Tracy Grand for the link.

In other can’t-post-it-here news, thoughtful reader Chris Flench alerted me to a scene from the upcoming The Tale of Despereaux film that is particularly library-centric.  For those of you making up your minds as to whether or not to see the film or not (some people are concerned with the potential changes) this should help you figure out what’s what.  Thanks to Chris for the link!

We will end with the strangest bit of puppetry I ever did see.  I’m having difficulty even explaining this.  In short, artist James Kuhn paints on his own face then  . . . well, you’ll have to see for yourself.  Here’s one to show you what I’m talking about . . .

And here are some of the children’s literature variety:

Admit it. You can’t look away. And look at all these other videos he’s made available for viewing!  Many thanks to Drawn for the link.

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  1. Oh so? This I shall have to see.