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Fusenews: Quick and Dirty

The other day we had some folks checking out the small glass room behind my reference desk thinking about possibly moving Mr. Pooh there someday.  I wonder if they know about this little development in his fame. And now I have an internal debate going on, trying to decide if I should alert our bookstore. Looks like I have some time before I do. And as my boss put it, "Well, if Batman can do it, and Sherlock Holmes and Gandalf, I guess Pooh too can rise from the dead. I wonder if he’ll don a uniform and fly off to fight crime." Thanks to Educating Alice for the link.

  • Say, did you enjoy that Sesame Street book recap I did the other day?  Well why not listen to the audio   of that evening as well?  You can catch all the things I’ve missed.  It’s particularly fun if you listen to Caroll Spinney’s  voice jumping in and out of various Muppet personalities.  Big thanks to Wilson Swain for the link.

  • Zut!  I came this close to missing the fact that former co-worker Warrent Truitt has summarized the Best Children’s Music Albums of 2008. Very awesome.  If I knew any hip kids to give them to, you know that I would.  I mean, how do you resist a children’s album like this?

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  1. Tricia (Miss Rumphius) says:

    If you haven’t visited, you need to stop by The Florian Cafe. Douglas (can I call him that?) has been posting images and poems from his forthcoming title for some time now. You’ll find it at:

  2. I heard about the Winnie-the-Pooh sequel and it’s wrong. Just wrong.

    As for Mr. Pooh, you could send him to my house for a visit.

  3. Dan Santat says:

    I assume they are hoping the Winnie-the-Pooh sequel can continue on much like the Curious George books that are done in the manner of Margaret and H. A. Rey? I also assume they will sell like hotcakes… (grovel)

  4. Think! Think! Think! Me thinks Disney has morphed Pooh too much already (what’s a Darby?). Maybe the sequel will follow the winds of a blustery day.

  5. All of these sequels/prequels to Pooh and the Wind in the Willows and Peter Pan and so on reflect an honest disrespect for the original creators and creations. To be perfectly blunt, they make me mad as hell. Write your own damn book.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t really have a problem with it. I did at first, and clearly it’s money-grubbing, but on the other hand…kids still love Pooh. And it’s a book, and books are important. If it’s authorized by the estate I doubt it’s a total piece of junk, and assuming that IS the case I can’t quite see it as disrespectful. Let Pooh live on.

  7. Lisa, a visit from Pooh might become a stinky proposition with Peepy and Pooh all over the place. Wink! Wink! Wink!
    Doug Florian is a hero, he set up my blogspace without me even asking; which I’m still tweaking for all you picture book lovers out there. Melanie Hope Greenberg (for Lisa Yee who might not know my “mhg” tag).

  8. Melanie, I am willing to put up with Peepy and Pooh everywhere. Although pee pee and poo are another story.

    (Betsy, sorry if we are dragging your blog into the gutter. It’s Melanie’s fault.)

  9. OK, I’ll drag it back to the curb. Pooh and Peeps will have tea and crumpets in the garden wearing wide brim hats in Laura Ashley clothing like all good picture book people do. Right.

  10. It’s my own fault. I was asking for it calling this a “Quick and Dirty” posting. I just didn’t expect you guys to take me so literally.

  11. I thought for a moment that you had connected to my blog about our frozen bubbles experiment last week here in Vermont. However, those photographs you linked to are much better than the ones we took. I’m sending that link to my roommate, who did the bubble experiment here at Vermont College. She’ll be thrilled. -wendie old (who also isn’t going to be able to be at ALA this time.)