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Video Sunday: Miss Hoover? I Glued My Ear to My Shoulder.

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There’s been some mild discussion about the whole "the bad news is it’s a book for kids" line in this interview. I’d like to point out that this is what Kinney was told and isn’t his own take. From my own perspective, it makes perfect sense that he originally wrote these stories for adults. Funny how they connect so powerfully with kids, though. That says something about common humor reaching across different ages, I think. Thanks to Mishaps and Adventures for the link.

I rarely have to pull out the old Not Workplace Appropriate sign, but I guess that this next video isn’t.  It’s a French (tres francaise!) music video as drawn by Joann Sfar (of Little Vampire fame, amongst other things).  If half naked hula girls aren’t your thing, you can skip it.  It’s very peppy, though.  And rather sweet.  I just watched the documentary Crumb last night, and this fits in perfectly with my current mindset.

Thanks to Drawn   for the link.

Speaking of Sfar, I’m pretty sure Mark Siegel slipped in a Little Vampire or two of his own when he illustrated Boogie Knights.  This video’s sound quality is lamentable, but if you can get through that and ignore the music it has a lot of great things to say.  I’m particularly fond of illustrator (and First Second guru) Siegel talking about the sexiness of Marc Simont’s The Philharmonic Gets Dressed.  

Thanks to Margaret Tice for the link.

Poor sound quality continues in yet another book trailer.  This one is for the rather amusing Unite or Die, coming out this year.  I have a distinct impression that there is a Ralph Wiggim reference in here.  Not only does the kid complaining about the guard look like Ralph but he talks in a very "Ms. Hoover, I ate my red crayon" kind of way.

Thanks to Jacqueline Jules for the link.

And just to round off the book trailers, I’m feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t hear about this title until now.  You would think that a book with a title like Independent Dames would have caught my attention last year.  No such luck.  Looks good, though.

My only question? Why was this trailer sponsored by CBS? Thanks to Laurie Halse Anderson for the link.

I was informed no long ago that the YA novel The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was a comic so popular in Japan that it inspired its own dance craze.  I had a hard time believing this until I YouTubed it and found that, yes, there are many many incarnations.  As far as I can determine, the books were turned into a movie or a tv show, and that this dance was part of that.  Here’s a side by side comparison of, what I believe to be, the best of them. 

The kids in this one weren’t dressed to match the video but they still have the moves down pretty perfectly.  For a look at a slightly less effective dance, you can watch this video of kids doing the same moves only this time dressed like Harry Potter characters, filmed in what appears to be a wind tunnel.

And last, but by no means least, your entirely unrelated to children’s literature moment of Zen: Prom dress rugby.

Thanks to Lisa Yee for the link.

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  1. teacherninja says:

    That Dionysos one made my day, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the UNITE OR DIE love!

    P.S. My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  3. Jeff Kinney says:

    Thanks for posting the Today Show link! Yeah, I meant to follow that “bad news… it’s for kids” statement with my “but don’t ask me what I was thinking” joke. I just plum forgot!