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Press Release Fun: Children’s Choice Book Awards

A nice list, if I do say so myself. THE CBC ANNOUNCES FINALISTS FOR THE SECOND ANNUAL CHILDREN’S CHOICE BOOK AWARDS   Kids pick Jeff Kinney, Stephenie Meyer, and Christopher Paolini as some of their favorites of 2008.   NEW YORK, NY February 26, 2009 – The Children’s Book Council (CBC) in association with Every […]

Fusenews: Say My Name, Say My Name

A sad farewell to Mimi Kayden at Harper Collins who has worked at everything from Harper & Row to Dutton to Penguin, as well as a consultant for North-South Books. Mimi has always been good to this little blogger, and I shall miss her egg timer sorely.  From Cynopsis Kids: Warner Bros. and production companies The […]

Review of the Day: 10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert

10,000 Dresses By Marcus Ewert Illustrated by Rex Ray Seven Stories $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-58322-850-0 Ages 4-8 On shelves now. For all intents and purposes Cookie magazine is not the kind of publication I read regularly (in that I make less that $250,000 a year). However, a year or so ago this periodical carried a story […]

Why I Like Working in New York

Because sometimes, just sometimes, Shaun Tan will randomly walk into my library while on his honeymoon. That’s why.

Fusenews: Well, There’s ONE Childhood Nightmare Explained Away

Vintage Kids’ Book My Kid Loves does a lovely tribute to a wonderful William Steig book The Amazing Bone.  TBA is remarkable for a variety of reasons, but if you hear it mentioned today it’s usually because someone’s trying to ban it.  You see the robbers in the book (the creeeepy creeeepy nightmare-inducing robbers) are […]

Fusenews: We Thought He Was a Goner, but the Cat Came Back

A fair amount of my friends here in New York own rescued feral kitties.  Some may have even have gotten their pets from the Anjellicle Cats Rescue in New York City (your call; a T.S. Eliot-inspired name or no?).  Now that shelter has inspired the ‘Art for Cats’ Online Auction, where a multitude of hip […]

Press Release Fun: Share a Story – Shape a Future

On the horizon there’s a literacy blog event that you might want to know about. Called “Share a Story – Shape a Future," the event will be March 9 to 13. The press release reads: Books encourage dreams. Reading makes them possible. Share a Story – Shape a Future a blog event for literacy, is […]

Review of the Day: Wonderland by Tommy Kovac

Wonderland By Tommy Kovac Illustrated by Sonny Liew Disney Press (an imprint of Disney Book Group) $19.99 ISBN: 978-1-4231-0451-3 Ages 9 and up On shelves March 17th It’s amazing how many artists, authors, filmmakers, poets, and creative personalities feel a need to put their own distinctive stamp on Alice’s Wonderland. From creative stage productions to […]

Project Cicero: Librarians Doing Fabulous Work

I get a lot of books.  Quite a few.  And often I have no way of using them all.  Many are added to the library system, sure, but a number of books sit on a cart in our backroom, waiting.  Often these books are fabulous, but we have no immediate use for them ourselves.  Enter […]

Fusenews: Squeezing Some Mind Grapes

The pleasant shock of yesterday was that I won a little contest.  Not long ago I entered the Literary Safari’s six word Valentine contest.  The idea was to come up with my love story in a six word memoir, and by doing so I’d win Six Word Memoirs of Love and Heartbreak. But the story […]

Review of the Day: Fortune’s Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors

Fortune’s Magic Farm By Suzanne Selfors Illustrated by Catia Chien Little, Brown and Company $14.99 ISBN: 978-0-316-01818-0 Ages 8-12 Roald Dahl was a troublemaker of the first degree. Did he really have to be so original? So interesting? Did his books have to fall into such a distinctive age range? And did he have to […]

Video Sunday: A Brighton Beach Memoir

I forgot to sacrifice a videotape beneath a bright full moon, so this week the Video Gods were less fruitful than I would have liked.  Here’s what I was able to scrounge up. I think Chronicle Books really has a good feel on how a picture book trailer should go.  Their vids have a certain […]

Fusenews: A Long Island Po-tah-to

Galleycat always reports on the goings on in the adult literary world, but recently they made a children’s literature connection that I had missed.  You are aware, I am sure, that a cartoon in the New York Post was recently considered hugely offensive.  Well apparently its creator wrote a picture book not too long ago.  […]

The Book What I Wrote

You know how I sometimes mention that I wrote a book for ALA Editions? Well here it is: Should anyone ask, I’m going to claim that the girl beneath the tree is me.  Me with long flowing locks and a dress of some sort. On sale in late March.  More details about it to come.

Fusenews: Pixel Hunger

A former co-worker of mine liked to point out that if you were to look at children’s book stories as your sole reference point for the state of the world today, you would be under the distinct impression that after WWII all the Jews died out.  True enough, finding a children’s book, particular middle grade […]