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For Your Consideration: The Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Many thanks to Jana Warnell for the link.


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  1. Hmmmmmmm.
    Operating from my general belief that all movies ruin books, I have to still make that face that goes “Meh,” at any trailer that I see. However, this looks so good that it’s a less cynical “Meh” than usual.

  2. janeyolen says:

    It now says “Video cannot be found.”

  3. Brenda Ferber says:

    Okay, why did that trailer bring tears to my eyes? (I hope I’m not alone!) Can’t wait!

  4. jmyersbook says:

    I, too, received a response of “Video cannot be found.” Is it, perchance, playing peek-a-boo? Or favorites, only manifesting for those who make the odd-numbered comments?

  5. I have been having a civilized discussion* (*see heated argument) with a friend who is beyond excited about this movie. I, on the other hand, am standing on my soapbox proclaiming that perfection cannot be added to, altered, or embellished and still contain its integrity. Finally being able to see the trailer I will admit to an immense degree of sweetness, but I wish it were some other story. Do I really want to know Max’s back story? Is not the knowledge that he was full of audacious mischief enough? Do I really want his daily angst? I think not.

  6. It’s playing just hunky dory on my end. Peekaboo must be the answer.

  7. Margaret says:

    I just played the trailer. It looks promising.

  8. Meghan M. says:

    Blah. I don’t like the looks of it. How can you make that book into anything longer than 5 minutes? The book is perfect as it is. The movie looks like such a forced tear jerker. Blah. did I say that before?

  9. Yuyi Morales says:

    This looks rich! I will reserve my judgment for when I see the movie.
    Movies are not their books, they are themselves, and they can be a failure or they can be fantastic on their own merits. And yet how great that books can be so much inspiration.

  10. I am disappointed to see that yet again there is no original imagination in Hollywood, that they have to keep coming and taking our classic stories and boxing them into one person’s vision. I’m sure it will be fine, but as one person said – wasn’t it enough that Max was mischievous and that was it? It’s creating a phenomenon of children who refuse to read because they know they can just see the movie, and it stunts their imaginations – my elementary students give me blank looks when I tell them to imagine something on their own…this is one more contributor to that epidemic. Can’t someone in Holywood think of something original!!! This book is my all-time favorite and I’m just devastated to see it cheapened on the big screen.

  11. Looks very scary to me. I don’t think my kids would have wanted to see it this way. An animated version might have been better to keep the mood and tone or the illustrations which to me are the best part of the book.

  12. Even as a kid, I always thought that book needed a little ‘Arcade Fire’ playing in the background. Wouldn’t you agree?

    (ps. Ignore my email today. Apparently, you’re one trailer ahead of me)

  13. Makes me sad. I will go see it (probably on my actual birthday, which is opening day), but the book is perfect as it is. It needs no background story, embellishment, or additions except those in the reader’s imagination. I’m afraid it will take away much of the mystique of that lovely book for a whole generation of children. Makes me want to sigh, “Oh, Maurice, why did you cave in to the great gods of Hollywood and money?”