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Video Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! Nothing like this little Rube Goldberg device (or, if you’re British, Heath Robinson contraption) to start you out on your day.

In other good news, some of you may have heard that the duckling Pack was stolen from Boston’s Public Garden where statuary from Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings is featured.  Well, he was found once again.  This video shows exactly how he was removed, and gives a nice up close and personal look at the little guy.

For more information read the article here.  Thanks to Amy Sears for the link.

All right, let’s get a book trailer in here.  Maybe it’s because I like the cover so much.  Maybe it’s because I liked her previous novel Julia’s Kitchen so much.  But author Brenda Ferber is on to something and I just think her book Jemma Hartmann, Camper Extraordinaire looks great.  Nice little trailer too.

Now I personally don’t Twitter.  I don’t understand Twitter.  I don’t use Twitter.  You might ask why.  I think that this little video sums up my thoughts on the matter soooooooo perfectly.

Oh, American Libraries Direct. Thank you so much for the link.

Meghan McCarthy recently posted this video as a bit of good advice for you authors or illustrators out there who need to get professional photographs done.  Cute.

Thanks to Blue Rose Girls for the link.

I did get this a week or so ago, but didn’t watch it because I just figured it was that old Improv New York bit where people froze in Grand Central Station for 3 minutes.  Whoops!  Nope.  Not even close.  Improv, all right.  Not the kind I expected.  Scroll down to see it (it’s at the bottom of this page).

Thanks to mom for the link.

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  1. Karen Gray Ruelle says:

    Oh no! I hope that Flutter video was a joke!

  2. Ryan Wilson says:

    I bet you don’t twitter because you know you would be hooked! I know you totally would be. Unfortunately I am and that’s why I haven’t been over to your blog in a while. I’ve been so busy reading blog posts people tweet that I have forsaken my regular blog schedule. But I have discovered tons of great new stuff this way! Plus, if the whole #amazonfail thing hasn’t convinced non-tweeters yet, I guess nothing will.