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Video Sunday: Lazy Blogger Who Makes Up For It In the End Edition

Did you honestly think I’d begin with anything else this week? Sure, I may have fallen down on the job of reporting on the Battle of the (Kids’) Books, but that doesn’t mean that my fellows in the field did the same. This video makes additional sense when you realize that the song took the tune of Now or Never from HSM3 (do I get a cookie for knowing what that stands for?).  On their blog they mention that they’re recent college grads looking for jobs in the publishing industry.  Considering how well they’ve already perfected viral marketing, someone’s video team should hire them at the very least.  Thanks to Educating Alice for the link.

For me, I had a weird week. A good week, with a lot of fun, but weird just the same. As a result I just didn’t have the time or energy to seek out videos. My blog reading plummeted to zero and . . . well basically I’m just glad that for the next week I won’t have to go into work and I can concentrate on some serious writing and blogging. Woot!

It’s not all doom and destruction, however. A couple videos did swim into my periphery before I conked out for good at the end of the week. Take, as one example, the classic Wolf vs. Pig battle from much fairytale lore, only this time reimagined into a stop animation short involving 1,300 printed photographs.

I’m no good with these things.  I always end up rooting for the predator.  Roadrunner cartoons were just an endless series of disappointments to me as a kid. Thanks to Wagging Tales for the link.

This next one is particularly nice.  It’s an interview with Mark Teague, an illustrator with a repertoire I’ve always admired but I’ve never personally run across him in his travels.  This first appeared on the Scholastic blog Kid Lit Kit as part of their Video Wednesday (!) series.

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

I had heard that Mr. President type sir had read Where the Wild Things Are before the White House Easter Egg Hunt, but I was unaware that it was a video until I saw it posted on Bookninja.

Not too shabby.  I would like to recommend that after his presidency Mr. Obama consider doing a series called Obama Reads the Hits.  Mostly because I want to see how he’d handle another furry fiend: Leonardo, the Terrible Monster.

And for your final bit o’ wackiness today, I don’t know how long YouTube will keep this up since it involves Disney, and Disney is bound to get squeamish about this.  But if you were a child who watched their animated films and sometimes noticed similarities between animated cells, prepare to have your socks knocked off.

Thanks to You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice for the link. 

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  1. Ahem. Mark Teague’s dog is a Boston Terrier. From yet another middle grade writer who owns one.

  2. Now a real comment. Did you notice how the secret service guy in Obama’s video perked up when the wild rumpus began?

  3. Hrm. Too bad. I was hoping for a French bulldog conspiracy theory. It has been corrected then.

  4. Beth Kephart says:

    I knew that if I came to your blog today I’d have cause to smile….