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Video Sunday: Dead Modem Edition

Well, it had to happen sometime.  The modem in my home computer has gone to meet the Great Modem in the Sky, and that leaves me without easy access to the internet.  I intend to fulfill my obligations to you good people, though.  Let me see what I can finagle.  In the meantime, enjoy this random video of what happens when you put creepy music behind old television show openings:

Thanks to Ken Levine for the link.

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  1. This …freaked me out VERY MUCH the first time I saw it — and then I saw a redo of the trailer for The Shining in which happy music was used — it cracked me up how much of a Family Friendly Film it turned out to be. So weird how big a difference the soundtrack makes, and you don’t normally even think you hear it! I swear this now seems like a Lifetime Movie of the Week – ugh.