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Video Sunday: Killer Sharks, Feisty Pigeons, and Bears With Self-Image Issues

A bit of psychedelica with your morning coffee, eh? I’m deeply indebted to Jon Buller for bringing this Chuck Jones masterpiece to my attention. Based on the 1946 picture book by Frank Tashlin, The Bear That Wasn’t, this book was ahead of its time when it came out. This 1967 animated short does it justice, albeit in a mighty groovy fashion.

Now when I mention that a Newbery Award winning book has been adapted into a live jazz puppet show, what book would you guess that that would be?  The Westing GameHolesThe Story of Mankind?  Nope nope nope, it’s The Cat Who Went to Heaven, of course (of course?).  Here in New York the Harlem School of Arts has adapted it.  And as you can see from this small selection, it takes rather well to the format.  I wish this video was a little closer, but we take what we can get.

I am fond of the cat.

I’m a simple soul.  It takes very little to make me happy.  For example, if every day I could watch an exchange like this one between The Bus Driver and The Pigeon (voiced, respectively, by Jon Scieszka and Mo Willems) I could be content.

Now the next bit’s a mite childish, but I appreciate what they’re doing here.  The text on this one reads, "Spike Jonze wastes no time adapting another 10 page children’s book into a film."  Not really.  But if you’ve seen the Wild Things trailer already then this one will probably amuse as well.

Calling this next one children’s literature related is stretching it.  I mean, just because a guy does graphic novels doesn’t mean they’re appropriate for kids.  Particularly if that guy is Chris Ware.  But this video recent played with a This American Life – Live event, and I’m entranced by how well Quimby the Mouse translates to animation.  For your consideration.

Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

Thanks to Drawn for the link.

And for your weekly random video . . . I’m a slave to the masses.  This trailer (which, as per usual, has nothing to do with children’s literature) has been embraced as a kind of cult hit.  Cheesy?  Hon, this puppy is rolling in the melted mozzarella.

I think it really had me when The Golden Gate Bridge got chomped.

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