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Video Sunday: Yeah. I Got Nothing.

Did any single event inspire the hoards of animators working today to consider a switch of occupation to children’s book publishing?  It couldn’t have just been the success of Mr. Mo.  Something else must be at work, I should think.  Sometimes it feels as if I can’t turn around without running into another animator turned author.  With that in mind (as as I’m a sucker for animation in general) I decided to start today with this little CG-animated film by Australian director/animator Luke Randall. If he too makes the switch, I won’t be surprised.  Extra points to whoever did the sound design on this film.  It’s remarkable.  Thanks to Drawn for the video.

A couple months ago I told you about the remarkable little poetry book A Curious Collection of Cats by Betsy Franco, illustrated by Michael Wertz.  Well, Mr. Wertz had himself a nice little book release party, and he set one of the poems to music.  I think you’ll have to agree that it makes for a lovely tune and a wonderful accompaniment to the book itself.

Thanks to 40 Forever for the link.

I don’t suppose that author Julia Donaldson has the kind of fame here in America that she enjoys in her native Glasgow.  As it stands, her best known book (on either side of the Atlantic) would have to be The Gruffalo.  Brits go relatively goofy for it.  Yanks like it, but it hasn’t quite become a household name just yet.  In this great little Guardian interview, Ms. Donaldson talks about her fame and the problems with being pigeonholed within a single genre.  Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link.

I don’t usually show book trailers for YA novels here, but I truly did enjoy So Punk Rock by Micol and David Ostow when I read it, and it’s one of those books that needs a little push to get some notice.  So here’s the push!  I like what they’ve done with the illustrations here.  Very music video-esque.

And for the final unrelated video, I had this next one all set to go about three days ago.  Then Yahoo went and made it one of their highlighted vids.  Arg!  Scooped or not, I’m still posting it.  My husband’s a little in love with this woman.  But who am I to be jealous?  I’m a little in love with her too.

In case you’re curious, yes.  She did indeed win the beatboxing championship.  Thanks to BoingBoing for the link.

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  1. Rasco from RIF says:

    I am daily amazed at the new “competitions” in the world; I have already watched this morning Julie Dales here more times than I would have imagined!