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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

SBBT: Meet Rebecca Stead

When I read and reviewed Rebecca Stead’s novel When You Reach Me back in April I knew I had something pretty amazing on my hands.  The kind of book that can remain in public memory long after its creators and initial readers are gone.  A scintillating, fascinating, amazing novel, the book is Rebecca’s second, following […]

SBBT: Day Five

Last day on ye olde SBBT schedule.  Here are some interviews that be ripe for the pickin’. Jenny Davidson at Chasing Ray Ryan Mecum at Writing and Ruminating Lauren Myracle at Little Willow Kristin Cashore at Hip Writer Mama Rachel Caine at The Ya Ya Yas And by complete coincidence, guess who has the round-up?  […]

Coraline the Musical: A Theatrical Revue/Review

Monica Edinger calls me up.  She says, "Do you want to see the new Coraline musical?" I say, "Yar!" She says, "Great!  I’ll see you on Sunday, May 17th". Now this show hasn’t officially opened so this review is probably woefully incorrect as much will be tweaked and toggled and changed and wobbled.  That said, […]

SBBT: Day Four

And now your Summer Blog Blast Tour Schedule for Day #4 with Chasing Ray doing the round-up. Siobhan Vivian at Miss Erin Alma Alexander at Finding Wonderland Laurel Snyder at Shaken & Stirred Cindy Pon at The Ya Ya Yas Thalia Chaltas at Little Willow

SBBT Interview: Take a Gander at That Which Is James Kennedy

No. No, this will not do. This will not do at all.  When you read my little title up there you should see the name "James Kennedy" and get very very excited. Your mouth should suddenly salivate for no apparent reason.  Your eyes bug out, ever so slightly. Because if you know the man, then […]

SBBT: Day Three

And on the daily roster (aside from here) is: Barbara O’Conner at Mother Reader Maggie Stiefvater at Writing & Ruminating Rosemary Clement-Moore at Little Willow Jo Knowles at lectitans Melissa Wyatt at Chasing Ray Not to repeat myself, but as I’m sure you certainly know Chasing Ray has the round-up.  Cheers.

What Do You Mean It Didn’t Make the List?!? The Greatest Gaps of the Top 100 Picture Book Poll (for Good and for Ill)

Cast your mind back a bit.  Before the top ten books of the Top 100 Picture Book Poll were listed, I asked my readers to send me their predictions.  What would make the top of the pops?  What charted the best? What, in fact, does the public really want? The results of this informal poll […]

SBBT: Day Two!

The Summer Blog Blast Tour continues unabated!  Please be sure to stop by the following charming personages for today’s interviews: Maya Ganesan at Miss Erin Amber Benson at lectitans Carolyn Hennesy at Bildungsroman Jo Knowles at Hip Writer Mama Sherri Winston at Finding Wonderland And, as per usual, Chasing Ray has the round-up with choice […]

Fusenews: Not That I Don’t Also Love the Term "Golly-Up"

I’ve been scooped!  Scooped, I say!  Scooped!  There’s been a lot of time travel going on these days.  Literature, television, movies, you name it.  Time travel is in.  So on Goodreads the other day Molly O’Neill and I had a comment-based discussion talking about the books you’d love to go back in time and give […]

. . . And Then There’s Everything Else. The Full List of Non-Winning Nominations

So what didn’t make it?  I’ve the full list of titles that came close, some very very close, to getting on the Top 100 Picture Books List.  Below you will find the complete list of everything that was nominated and didn’t get in.  Their points intact.  If you see a date or recollection of the […]

SBBT: Kekla Magoon Interview

Back in February I reviewed a debut novel from author Kekla Magoon.  The book, The Rock and the River, is the story of two brothers in Chicago in the late 60s.  Their father is a civil rights activist and then the older brother joins with The Black Panthers leaving his younger sibling to choose his […]

Today’s Summer Blog Blast Tour Schedule and a Noteworthy Cause

Oh, it is on!  The Summer Blog Blast Tour is going on this week.  Here’s a line-up of some of the people you can see today: Andrew Mueller at Chasing Ray Carrie Jones at Writing & Ruminating Amber Benson at Little Willow (yes, that Amber Benson) Greg Van Eekhout at Shaken & Stirred Be sure […]

Video Sunday: Killer Sharks, Feisty Pigeons, and Bears With Self-Image Issues

A bit of psychedelica with your morning coffee, eh? I’m deeply indebted to Jon Buller for bringing this Chuck Jones masterpiece to my attention. Based on the 1946 picture book by Frank Tashlin, The Bear That Wasn’t, this book was ahead of its time when it came out. This 1967 animated short does it justice, […]

Top 100 Picture Books Poll Results (#1-101)

And now, in order and with linkety goodness intact, I bring to you the results of the Top 100 Picture Book Poll of 2009.  Please note two changes.  First, the inclusion of Lost and Found at #60, where it belongs.  Second, the fact that King Bidgood was originally incorrectly tallied and has moved up a […]

Reporting: Henry Holt and Feiwel and Friends Spring & Summer 2009

The good people of Henry Holt Books for Young Readers are part of Macmillan.  Like all publishers, they have to deal with upsets in the industry and not knowing where they’ll end up next.  They do have one distinct advantage over their competitors, however.  One element to their average day that they could lord over […]