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Video Sunday: Everything Is Amazing, and I’m Certainly Happy

The webs were all abuzz this week over the clever editing job someone did on this Buffy meets Edward short film.  I had all but forgotten that there was a Buffy episode where she woke up, saw that Angel had been watching her while she slept, and consequently threw him out the window. What a lovely mixing of scenes. So pleasant to the eye.  However, if it doesn’t appear correctly I may have to muck with the ratio size. I’ll keep an eye on it when it posts. Thanks to bookshelves of doom (and mom) for the link.

Here’s what we know about this next one.  That this video was shot by The Ambassador of Children’s Literature himself.  That it is of a gigantic church-worth of kids (and some teachers) giving him the Ambassadorial salaam.  That it’s in Nebraska.

This is the video:

All right.  Time to give a shout-out to the hometown team.  Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan I saw various independent bookstores live and die.  My mom’s store The Athena Bookshop was the oldest independent store in town… and then it joined the choir invisible.  So when I heard that there was a new children’s bookstore in town, I was thrilled.  This one’s going out to Bookbug.  They’ve a cute little website and a nice promotional video.  I like that the aforementioned Scieszka’s book Knucklehead is featured prominently at one point.  They love you in K-zoo, Mr. S!  Must be your Michigan roots.

So.  IF you are an author or illustrator and you happen to be passing through Southwest Michigan, go to that thar place.  I can’t plug it any better than that.

The timing on this next book trailer is excellent.  I had a girl in my library three days ago looking for Roald Dahl, Roald Dahl, had to be Roald Dahl, only Roald Dahl.  But a lot of our Dahl was out.  So I suggested she try her hand at Suzanne Selfors (though later I thought that Arabel’s Raven would have also sufficed).  The child immediately latched onto To Catch a Mermaid, but might have gone for this year’s Fortune’s Magic Farm, had I found it in time.  Here’s the trailer in case you missed the book earlier in the year.  I think it also marks my first trailer debut, which was a nice surprise.


Those kooky Scholastic kids are at it again.  Actually, this is a pretty clever ARC giveaway.  Say they, "make one of yourself reciting ‘the Catching Fire no-spoilers pledge.’ Put it up on the Web. Then drop the link into the comments below [found here]!  We’ll randomly choose our winner after July 4th. Good luck!."  Already read my copy, vow or no, but here you can see at least one person taking the pledge. 

And for my final off-topic video, I don’t think I can get much more off-topic than this, but it cheers me up when I’m feeling blue.  It is, of all things, Louis CK on Conan.  If you do not like Louis CK or you do not like Conan, I still urge you to watch it.  I think YouTube says the title is Everything is Amazing, Nobody is Happy, but I prefer to label it The Curmudgeon of Joy.

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  1. JMyersbook says:

    Oh, it is true, youngsters who doubt. It is All True. Listen to Louis CK tell it like it was, and BE HAPPY! 😀 (This may be the hardest I’ve ever laughed, this early on a Sunday morning…)

  2. Thanks for posting the Louis CK; my local radio station has been playing this clip for days and I didn’t know where it was from. Still laughed hard this time around. . .

  3. Buffy meets Edward made my day.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh! If only Bella had actually been even SLIGHTLY like Buffy, then maybe the book wouldn’t have been that bad. Sorry I had major issues with wimpy, whinny, weak Bella. One of the worst characters I’ve read in a long time.