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Video Sunday: Sitting On Your Own Head Can’t Be As Much Fun As It Looks, Right?

Well all the talk this week was of the Alice in Wonderland trailer that premiered on the web. Disney pulled it from YouTube so I have had to use other methods of placing it here. It’s strange that for all the fanciness, I’m somewhat bored. There are elements that look like they might be interesting (Crispin Glover = hot = I have weird taste) but overall it’s a bit meh. Too bad, since I like the notion of having Stephen Fry do the voice of the Cheshire Cat, and other casting choices. Judgment reserved. Thanks to Educating Alice for the heads up.

In stark contrast to the Alice trailer is the other video that made the rounds this week.  I don’t know what company produces the audiobooks for the Judy Blume titles (Listening Library, perhaps?) but they should immediately go out, grab Will Arnett, and make him record everything from Blubber to Here’s to You Rachel Robinson.

Puts me in the mind of that old Saturday Night Live skit about the Lost Works of Judy Blume (scroll down through that post and you’ll find it).  Hmm.  Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Do you find that you’re still a little bit sketchy on the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are movie?  Perhaps you’d like to hear what Maurice Sendak has to say on the subject.  Well, here’s your chance.  Download this short little video and you can hear Sendak putting your concerns to rest (or, at the very least, touching on them).  Mind you, when Sendak says that it took about two years for librarians to see that kids were right about the book, he sort of forgets that it had a shiny Caldecott medal bestowed upon it BY librarians.  And those folks don’t let just any old book win, y’know.  I’m also not entirely certain he’s right that it didn’t get any positive reviews, but I’d have to check up on that.  Thanks to Eric Carpenter for the link.

Next up, Eoin Colfer in my backyard.  Fine, my library’s backyard.  Same dif (why didn’t he stop inside, consarn it?).  Anywho, here he is talking about writing the next Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book.

Of course, we know the real story behind Eoin Colfer and his insidious love of owls.  I shall say no more.  Thanks to Galleycat for the link.

I think I’ve figured out that if I play my cards right I could get a Dan Santat-created video on my blog every week.  It’s all part of my insidious plan to someday move to L.A. and becomes friends with him.  The fool!  It’s like he’s playing right into my hands!  Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

For that matter, I’d enter the contest myself but I haven’t figured out the right "hook".

And for our off-topic thingymabob of the day, stick with this one.  It starts out all normal and then crosses over into the darkest depths of the human soul. 

Who sings about potato salad anyway?  Matt wondered if maybe it was supposed to be an ad for it at one point.  If it was then it was the world’s most memorable ad.  For the record, if you want to know what the deal is with these Ross sisters, here’s an article that may or may not clarify everything. Thanks to Dan for the link.

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  1. Rasco from RIF says:

    Gracious, what a great lift on a busy Sunday to sit and laugh my head off as the Ross sisters sang and danced and contorted their bodies while singing about “potato salad”…did I hear them right, read your notes right? So funny, thanks!

  2. janeyolen says:

    That is both hilarious and creepy at the same time. Also, how come with all that action, those sisters are that chunky?


  3. Dan Santat says:

    If you move to the Pasadena area with Lisa Yee and I we’ll all be the bestest of friends forever and ever. If you move to the Valley, well, you’re on your own sister!

  4. ChrisVA says:

    I think I may be off potato salad for a while. Certainly will have mental images that no one else at the table can appreciate. STill cringing!

  5. A little Joker in Tim Burton’s Hatter, anyone?

  6. Rachael says:

    I don’t know. All the footage I’ve seen from the WTWTA movie completely creeps me out. And not in a good way. I especially hate what I’ve heard of the soundtrack, plus the ostensible “Mom kissing a man” motivation for Max’s wild behavior.

  7. Fuse #8 says:

    Dan, as soon as I figure out what this “Pasadena” and “Valley” are of which you speak, I shall do as you say.