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Press Release Fun: Halloween Treats (and for the record, silverfish scare me too)

I’d not heard of the Bunch website until recently, but due to the sheer number of cool children’s literary links they include, you can bet I’ll be heading back again.  In the meantime, they’ve a Snicket/Rex hook-up you might be interested in hearing about.  In their words:

We have an exclusive Halloween interview with Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events) and we’re featuring it right now – along with a free download of the Snicket story from Half-Minute Horrors.

Here’s just a snicket of it:

Susan Rich: Hello Mr Snicket. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us
about matters relating to Halloween. Halloween can be a very creepy time.
What sorts of things scare you?

Lemony Snicket: Masks, silverfish, a woman I once knew, iced tapioca
drinks, injustice, things that jump out suddenly at me in the dark, things
that approach me slowly in the dark, corporate hegemony, flickering
lightbulbs and bland, self-serving philosophies concerning the world.

SR: Many people who usually dress in regular clothes find Halloween a good
time to put on a disguise. Can you tell us about your most successful

LS: No, but the next time you sit down at your “desk” you might look a bit
more closely.

And check out the brand new Adam Rex (Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich)
Hallowe’en comic on our site. – It’s called Trick and it’s available for free download

Both of these short, scary tales are from Half-Minute Horrors.

For the full Lemony Snicket Interview:
For the Adam Rex free comic download:
Company Blog:

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  1. Ah — two Halloween posts for the price of one. Great! (she said, rushing to link to them.) -wo