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A Fuse #8 Production
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Fusenews: Bubs of Hubs, Hubs of Bubs

Changes are afoot! Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, the premier children’s illustration blog, has a brand new, bright n’ shiny, top of the line, never before seen contributor!  Each month Steve Withrow will be contributing one industry-related interview to this fantabulous site, and the man has talent. But who IS Steve Withrow? All is revealed […]

Video Sunday: Freak-Outs = Today’s Theme

You may not believe me, but I’ve been searching for this video for a very long time. Big time That Mitchell & Webb Look fan over here. And this is just a great skit. Misanthropic? Oh yeah. But I’m amused by evil librarians, and this one takes the cake. Thanks to @yourlibrary for the link! […]

Press Release Fun: The OTHER New Moon

It ain’t all shiny vampires and shirtless werewolves. Recently Jean Reagan brought to my attention the fact that the tween girl magazine New Moon (no relation to the book of the same name) is having a hard time of it.  From the Children’s Writers & Illustrators Message Board: New Moon offers girls an alternative to […]

Poetry Friday: My mother has a lint roller for a brain

Hey, man.  Her words.  Not mine. Poetry Friday is upon us! For starters I would direct your attention to my mother.  She is a poet.  Not just any poet, mind, but a poet included in The Best American Poetry 2009.  Friends with Bonnie Jo Campbell who was recently nominated for a National Book Award.  Yeah.  […]

Thanksgiving: The Ernestine Mystery

Happy Thanksgiving! While you are either anticipating your upcoming feast, devouring it as you read this (which is kind of strange), or regretting the sheer amounts of food currently making their way through your digestive tract, I have a mystery for you.  In my family it is traditional to accompany Thanksgiving with a mystery. That […]

Librarian Preview: National Geographic (Spring 2010)

Time was when National Geographic meant only one thing to kids: Big piles of yellowing magazines in your grandmother’s basement.  Good magazines.  Interesting magazines.  Maybe you were one of those kids who actually had a subscription.  But the idea that they would parlay their natural non-fiction tendencies into the children’s book publishing world was unknown […]

Press Release Fun: PEN Human Rights Panel

I received this email from my fellow PEN members.  For those of you in New York at that time: On Monday, December 7, at 6:30, we will be co-sponsoring a panel discussion, "Who Will Speak for the Child: Human Rights at Home and the Convention on the Rights of the Child." The panel will include […]

Review of the Day: Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield

Simon’s Cat By Simon Tofield Grand Central Publishing $12.99 ISBN: 978-0-446-56006-1 Ages 8 and up On shelves now I think we’ve gotten to the point where we’re all pretty comfortable (or at least familiar) with the idea of the webcomic that is later turned into a book. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is the most […]

Press Release Fun: Ezra Jack Keats Award Submissions Needed

ALL RIGHT, PUBLISHERS! Look me in the eye when I’m talking to you.  I kid. You can look wherever you like. But you may want to know a little something about this.  Heck, you new picture book authors and illustrators might also want in: Ezra Jack Keats New Writer and New Illustrator Awards Attention Publishers: […]

Fusenews: Phil It Up

I think it’s safe to say that the biggest news of the moment is the opening of the brand spanking new teen and children’s literature department within The Library of Congress.  It opened as recently as October 23rd and "features access to kid-friendly Web sites, public programs, new books, and even a media room where […]

Video Sunday: Unhappiness, Madness, Mortality, and Inconvenience

Interview with Dan Santat from Elizabeth Bird on Vimeo. A man so nice I’ve blogged him twice.  This is a pretty little reposting of a video I put up earlier this week.  There may be some amongst you who missed it the first time.  Who were previously unaware of the awesome power of chicken puppets […]

Review of the Day: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon By Grace Lin Little, Brown and Company $16.99 ISBN: 978-0-316-11427-1 Ages 8-12 On shelves now. When an author wants to write their first fantasy novel for children, they’ll sometimes fall back on the books they themselves loved as kids. If they were Alice in Wonderland fans they might go […]

Librarian Preview: Lerner Publishing Group (Spring 2010)

This has been a season of firsts.  I did my first Albert Whitman preview a week or so ago.  I’ll be doing my first National Geographic preview in the future.  And I’ve certainly never done a Lerner Publishing Group preview before!  That’s the nice thing about New York.  Even if the publishers ain’t local, there’s […]

2009 WBBT: Friday Schedule

And all too soon it’s over.  Here’s the last of the best of the week, my loves. Lisa Schroeder at Writing & Ruminating Alan DeNiro at Shaken & Stirred Joan Holub at Bildungsroman Pam Bachorz at Mother Reader Sheba Karim at Finding Wonderland R.L. LaFevers at Hip Writer Mama And Chasing Ray has the round-up.

WBBT: Michael Hague Interview

I’m allowed to be a fangirl once in a while, I think.  Now I don’t often get a chance to interview an author or illustrator from my own youth.  Inevitably they’re either dead or no longer working in the field of children’s literature.  But you know, there was one artist around when I was a […]