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Video Sunday: Psychedelica Bibliotecka

It seems a touch unfair that any one person should have as much talent in her bones as Yuyi Morales. This year she illustrated Tony Johnston’s My Abuelita, but did so with photographed figures rather than straight-out illustration.  In this video, you can see her process.  You can also read an in-depth account about it on her blog here as well.  I can’t even imagine the sheer hours of work that went into this book.  Six years worth.  She even wrote the music for the video!  Next stop: Animation?

Speaking of process, this here is a fabulous How to Draw a Bear video from Andrew Joyner.  The bear in question is from one of my favorite read alouds of the year The Terrible Plop

Love those eyebrows.

Now a little down home luv.  My workplace is purdy and this video not only shows off the fact but just makes libraries in general sound great.  Added plus, there’s an interview in here with Hilary Knight.  He recently donated all his works to NYPL, so that was nice of him.  Worth watching, I think.

Personally, I’m just pleased that the DVDs in my children’s room looked as nice as they did for those shots.

Similar idea.  Different execution entirely.

That’s an old Electric Company clip, in case you’re curious.  The brains of my generation grew up on that.

I had to go to my old stand-by Drawn for this week’s off-topic madness video.  Good old Drawn never lets me down.


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This may seem strange, but I was rather taken with this teaser trailer for an animated series called Baidi.  It looks gorgeous but I’m having difficulty finding any additional information about it.  It appears to be French perhaps Ah well.

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  1. Editorial Anonymous says:

    Did the NYPL guy say that Libraries are the oldest cultural organizations? What about religions?