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Poetry Friday: My mother has a lint roller for a brain

Hey, man.  Her words.  Not mine.

Poetry Friday is upon us! For starters I would direct your attention to my mother.  She is a poet.  Not just any poet, mind, but a poet included in The Best American Poetry 2009.  Friends with Bonnie Jo Campbell who was recently nominated for a National Book Award.  Yeah.  That’s my mom.

Anywho, she has been interviewed about her poetry on the Best American Poetry blog and it is well worth reading.  In it you will be able to hear her discuss pickled human heads and a chapbook’s worth of fiber poems.  Knitters take note. 

In less topical news, long ago I queried whether or not this search history could be considered poetry.  Now it seems that a similar movement has been born along the same lines.

At flarf is discussed.  What is flarf?  "The people behind a controversial movement known as ‘flarf’ believe phrases found on the Internet and strung together into poetry provide a critical social commentary. Others think it’s worthless drivel."

Sounds more like the second coming of dadaism to me.  Thanks to AL Direct for the link.

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  1. How Cool! Congrats! I am also glad to learn your mother’s name. On the social networks many people have named their children “The Boy” “The Girl”.

  2. Ramseelbird! Aha!