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Video Sunday: Freak-Outs = Today’s Theme

You may not believe me, but I’ve been searching for this video for a very long time. Big time That Mitchell & Webb Look fan over here. And this is just a great skit. Misanthropic? Oh yeah. But I’m amused by evil librarians, and this one takes the cake. Thanks to @yourlibrary for the link!

And I’ll just follow that up with something to make you want to chew your own ear off.  Now they’ll tell you that these are outtakes from the movie of A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Don’t you believe it.  My impression is that this is what madness is, when you get right down to it.  Insanity on the screen. 

Even then, still less weird than what I interpret to be Carrey’s imitation of Robert Crumb (in the form of Stephano, another character from the film).

Okay.  Let’s follow up that scene chewer with another one.  This is far more sweet, though.  It’s Stephen Colbert at the Montclair Library in New Jersey reading Ferdinand to the kids. 

Stephen Colbert reads to Children at Montclair Library

Awww.  Thanks to Jean Hatfield for that link.

This is on-topic in that it involves books, but slightly off-topic since it involves adult writing.  Still, it’s worth it.  Go here.  Click on "Going West" on the left-hand side of the screen.  Enjoy.  Thanks so much to David Elzey for the link.

May as well end with an off-topic vid that doubles as a freak-out.  Not long ago I showed a crazy performance of the band Brilliant Pebbles on a children’s cable access show.  That was nutty, but it wasn’t the first of its kind by any means.  Behold!  Tiny Tim performs "The Other Side".  I give the kids watching him extra points for not running away and screaming at any point.

Thanks to Sxip Shirey for the link.

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  1. You’re in sort of a dark mood today, aren’t you?

  2. Sometimes it’s just that kind of day.