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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Ho Ho Ho! You know the rest.

busterbrown_33_smilinedsantaclausland_01Every year I steadily collect holiday-related blog postings, storing them up until Christmas.  Some are great.  Some are so-so.  But all are wonderfully topical.  Enjoy!

  • Back in April Gregory K. had something called 30 Poets / 30 Days, wherein he asked various poets to submit original pieces for each day.  Adam Rex did one called The Flight Before Christmas and I remembered it all this time just so that I could link to it here today.  Heck, I’ll even pair it to this link to his Smekday Christmas card.  Have a very Rexy Xmas.

Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link.

  • Panicking because it’s Christmas Day and there’s still one last gift you need to find?  Look no further.  Voila.


Crime scene scarf.  Who wouldn’t want one?  Thanks to BB-Blog for the link.

  • I greatly enjoyed this recent SLJ piece where various authors reminisced about holidays long past.  Great writing one and all.

  • Peter at Collecting Children’s Books had an entirely unique Christmas story of his own up this week, which I found rather touching.  That’s the nice thing about Christmas stories.  There’s always room for a new one.

  • I hope Mo Willems won’t mind too much if I steal and place this sketch of his here.  The title is "Drawn from memory".


Who’s memory, he does not say.

  • Adorableness break.  Babymouse & Co. wish you a happy holiday:

  • Finally, almost apropos of nothing at all and entirely off-topic, a photograph turned message that only works if you see it full-size.  You can do so here.  Thanks to Ken Levine for the link.
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  1. JMyersbook says:

    WOW! For a 43-year-old cartoon/commercial, that has really aged gracefully! Simple is good, and simple with a twist is even better. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Most of my christmas holidays are spent in my bed with books.For last three years i am following this pattern. order books from and relish my holidays.

  3. Carl in Charlotte says:

    I remember seeing that commercial on TV! Can you imagine anything so minimalist being shown now?

  4. George Edward Staney says:

    Oh, wow, Elizabeth! Thanks for this wonderful trip down Memory Lane! Fantastic!

    I know my NIGHT FIRES isn’t included in your list in a different blog about which book to review but thanks so much for your very kind earlier comments about it when you talked about the Simon & Schuster’s summer titles – and I’m happy to report that CHILDREN LITERATURE, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, and KIRKUS have all given it very good reviews. Happy New Year!

  5. You too, George! Sorry I didn’t get to include Night Fires. Someone convinced me it was teen, so I never got around to it. Glad to hear it got stellar reviews!