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Video Sunday: The Brits Have It

This would be Neil Gaiman’s second film that he has directed.  It’s called Statuesque and, as described by Friends of English Magic, "This film stars Bill Nighy, Amanda Palmer and Liam McKean (son of Dave). The plot is simple: a man is obsessed with a living statue."  A rather lovely little film at that.  Thanks to @medinger for the link.

Speaking of Britian (I wasn’t, but the connection stands) I hadn’t even heard of the Guardian’s challenge to dramatize a portion of Terry Pratchett’s Nation until it was mentioned on bookshelves of doom.  The winners have already been announced.  Nation was indeed a fantastic book, so I was curious how the kids would want to adapt it.  Here then is the winner of the 10-14 category:

And the winner of the 15-17 category.

I find it interesting that they essentially chose the same scene.  Thanks to bookshelves of doom for the link.

Speaking of book video contests, recently Susan Taylor Brown was a very clever little duck and conducted a book trailer scholarship contest in conjunction with her book Hugging the Rock.  She’s listed the Top 10 Video winners here.  Not a bad way to garner attention for your title, I dare say.  Well played, Susan.

The justification for this next one is that since it’s about a letter it promotes childhood literacy which, in turn, has much to do with children’s literature.  That said, I just like it because it seems that Ricky Gervais is the only celebrity allowed to actively freak out Elmo.  Which makes it well worth watching right there.

Thanks to @medinger for the link.

How on earth did I miss the fact that Travis Jonker of 100 Scope Notes interviewed Ed Spicer, teacher and member of the 2009 Caldecott committee, in a four part video series?  I found all four of the videos here but they may be elsewhere on the web as well.  I’m just a little testy that Travis hasn’t done more videos at this point.  He’s obviously a natural in front of the camera.

I’ve kept this final little off-topic film in my back pocket for a while.  No reason why I shouldn’t run it today.  I’m not particularly obsessed with Intern George, as he is sometimes known, but I do find him engaging.  The Chinook Update originally posted it because, " he says something important about the role of confidence: it’s 99 percent of what you need."  I would say that there’s something to that.

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  1. The statues are moving, indeed. Statuesque is now here:

  2. Ed Spicer says:

    All of the videos with Travis are on my spicyguyreader youtube account and on my wwwdotspicyreadsdotorg website.

    Thanks for posting! It’s too bad that Travis and I did not film our battle of the ugly books contest. Travis brought his ugly 2008-9 books and I brought out my ugly 2008-9 books and we awarded the UnCaldecott! He is a lot of fun and he really should do more videos. Thanks again.