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Video Sunday: Bouncy Abbreviated Madness (or B.A.M.)

You know, under normal circumstances I don’t lead off with a book trailer.  But first off, I missed this one when it debuted in October.  Second, it’s just so darn professional.  You could tell me that this was a Saturday morning cartoon series and I’d believe you.  Is that Flash?  Because it’s darn good.  My compliments to the chef.  *air kiss*  Failing that, my compliments to Bottom Shelf Books for the link.

This week was not the strongest for videos, but I did manage to scrounge up a couple here and there.  Whic is to say three.  #1 is that Joey Fly, Private Eye book trailer.  #2 is our old pal, Mr. Mo.

The new theory is that Mr. Mo is beginning to physically turn into Dr. Seuss.  The beard cinched it.  Now he just needs to grow his hair out, comb it back, purchase a pair of grandfatherly spectacles, and BOOM!  Instant Seussification.

And then (I told you I was limited today) there’s video #3.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is quite as perfect for today’s off-topic final video than this. 

Admit it.  It’s catchy.  Thanks to Kathi Appelt for the link.

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  1. JMyersbook says:

    Okay, I admit it, it IS catchy, in a seriously weird way. Thank you…I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. This actually from a pretty cool album called The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid that came out a few years ago. If you like Dresden Dolls and Magnetic Fields, you might like it. I hadn’t seen the video though. Neat!

  3. Barney Saltzberg says:

    This is really impressive! Definitely a flash creation. It raises the bar for every book trailer! Thanks for sharing it.