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Video Sunday: That Gooey Slimy Look

First and foremost, this bright and sunny Video Sunday, it seems appropriate to recommend to you school librarians out there the School Library Month Video Contest hosted by AASL.  They say:

"School librarians are encouraged to submit videos to AASL that support the School Library Month theme ‘Communities thrive @ your library’ and detail how the library helps their school community ‘thrive.’ This is an opportunity for school librarians to be creative and share why they are essential to their school community. Entries may include an interview with members of a school community, a typical day in the life of a school librarian or a short skit on why school librarians are essential to a school community."

So if you guys are tired of watching other people’s videos (I’ll have one of my own up tomorrow, by the way) and want to get your fingers squarely in the pie, check out the further information here.

Much along the same lines is this cute, nerdy little video from Ocoee Middle School. 

Ocoee Middle School Gotta Keep Reading from Michael Cardwell on Vimeo.

What is it about that song that gets people to make their own videos of it?  The most famous example was that Canadian university, but this is very much along the same lines.  Thanks to Colleen and Tom McMorran and NeverEndingSearch for the link.

One of the best books I’ve seen all year, a book that just makes me happy every time I pick it up, is Jonah Winter’s Here Comes the Garbage Barge.  And best of all is this video made of the process that went into its creation.  It pleases me inordinately.

Thanks to Omnivoracious for the link.

Lee Wind of the blog We’re Here, We’re Queer, What the Hell Do We Read and author of ebook The Zen of Blogging has started a web series called 1 minute to Blogging Greatness.  Episode One?  The Top 3 Reasons Why Blogging is Awesome for Authors.

Thanks to Market My Words (who also had a great Greg Pincus video called The Golden Rules of Twitter upon the same post) for the link.

And in the spirit of all things off-topic, our final video is T-Shirt War.  It’s all stop animation, weirdly enough.

And here’s the behind-the-scenes of all those t-shirts.  Thanks to BookMoot for the link!

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  1. Betsy – great videos, as always! Thanks for the shout out – and yeah, that T-shirt video is pretty cool!
    Hugs and Namaste,