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Video Sunday: I have also been known to shy away from Judy Blume

Okay.  So now I’m asking you to leave my blog and to go to Educating Alice.  There you will find that Monica Edinger has embedded all the Oscar Best Short Film (Animated) nominees just like this one up above.  I figured I’d select one for my post today, but really you should see them all.  This one may be my favorite, though.

Now there are few authors out there of whom I am afraid.  Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket) is one of the few.  I have actually been at parties with the man where his head would turn a quarter of an inch in my direction and I would flee, literally flee, in the opposite direction.  I cannot account for it.  There’s just something awfully intimidating about him.  Usually.  This video was filmed in conjunction with the Tom Corwin documentary film project Behind the Wheel of the Bookmobile.  The series "follows a classic bookmobile across country on back roads with acclaimed authors taking turns at the wheel.  At each stop the bookmobile’s doors will open inviting the public in to take their choice of digital and analog titles in exchange for interviews about books that have changed their lives."  The participating authors are usually of the adult persuasion, but there is one notable exception.  And he’s wearing a shirt that I do not usually associate with the Snicket.  So should I find myself in a room with him yet again, I shall attempt to remember this shirt and to keep my hysterical laughter/running away/incessant gnawing of the knuckles in check.  Thanks to 123oleary for the link.

Fabulous stuff. Our newest Caldecott winner, Jerry Pinkney, talks a bit about growing up. I went to Earlham College and he keeps saying what sounds like "Earl Ham Street" in this video. Makes me jump every time he does it.

Thanks to Children’s Illustration for the link!

My friend Dan has always been a deep and abiding Mortimer and Arabel (by Joan Aiken) fan.  If you haven’t read them, they’re what I hand kids who want something just like Roald Dahl.  Recently the books were released in paperback, and I assure you that they go out of my library like clockwork.  Dan found out that there had been a puppet show version of the books that was clearly inspired by the art of Quentin Blake.  He could only find episodes in Spanish, but look at those puppets!  Blake has never been so perfectly captured.

That little brain you keep all tucked away and safe deep down inside your cranium?

Prepare to feel it explode.

Words fail.  Words fail because no matter what I say, it would be inadequate.  I was very amused by the fact that the teens on YouTube are mad at this movie, though.  Not because of what they’ve done to the book necessarily (though some did like it).  Rather that they’re all nostalgic for the Nickelodeon movie that came out in the 90s with Rosie O’Donnell.  Harriet didn’t wear glasses in that film either, y’know.  Thanks to 100 Scope Notes for the link.

Laini Taylor and Jim DiBartolo are two of my favorite people.  For those of you out there who don’t know them, they’re the crazy duo behind such books as National Book Award for Young People nominee Lips Touch.  Get to know them better with this remarkable half an hour video interview Laini embedded on her blog.  She rocks the boots and can Jim pull off the vest look or what?  Well played, y’all.

And here’s the true off-topic video.  And just like BB-Blog, the site where I found it, I will tell you right off the bat that the mouse doesn’t die.  Some folks might get the wrong idea from the still here.

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  1. Hey! I liked the 90s Harriet movie, too — small tweaks made it all about redemption via the despised Boy With the Purple Socks. I like redemption.

  2. That Harriet movie is SO WRONG.
    Brain officially exploded.

  3. Yuyi Morales says:

    I almost passed away with the mouse video. Why do you do that to us?!

  4. Fuse #8 says:

    Because I like to watch you jump. It adds flavor to a day.

  5. Jim Di Bartolo says:

    Hey! Thanks for the shout out (and kind words about our attire! :) Long-distance eHugs from me and my ladies!