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A Fuse #8 Production
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Press Release Fun: The Winners of the CYBILS

They’re here, they’re here!  The Fourth Annual Cybils Awards winners have been announced and are up for the viewing!  And a fine selection of books they are, ladies and gentlemen.  Take a gander at the selection and congrats in turns to both the winners and the panelists for doing such an outstanding job.

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#70-66)

First off, Eric Carpenter has just released the trends and results of this poll from 100-71 and it is fascinating.  When you look at the decades of the winners in particular . . . well, I was shocked by which decade was in the lead, frankly.   So before you do anything else, look at […]

Video Sunday: Neil Gaiman on a Trampoline (there…. that’ll get my stats up)

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  I know I did this video once before, but now it’s pertinent!  That and the fact that I couldn’t find anything else.  Did you know that The Marzipan Pig by Russell Hoban (one of the finest l’il ole video adaptations of a picture book you ever did see) isn’t anywhere online […]

Valentine’s Day

Press Release Fun: Project Cicero in Search of Volunteers

Recently Cheryl Klein and I had a Kidlit Drink Night benefitting the remarkable organization Project Cicero. Now they need your help. If you’re local, that is. The information: Project Cicero is a not-for-profit organization that creates and enhances school and classroom libraries in under-resourced New York City public schools. Now in its 10th year, Project […]

Fusenews: Someday we’ll look back on all of this and sleep

The Plan: I’m only revealing the countdown number on weekdays. Weekends are when I get to sit back and take it easy . . . getting the countdowns ready for the next coming week. *sigh* If you count down by fives, how far is it to #20 from #60? Math too hard for this English […]

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#75-71)

#75 Love That Dog by Sharon Creech (2001) (#1)(#4)(#4)(#5)(#5)(#6)(#7)(#8)(#10)(#10)(#10) – 51 points Best free verse novel. Best dog story. Gotta love it! – Brenda Ferber Brings narrative poetry into the classroom – brings classics – brings life to a journal. And it’s easy to follow and easy to read and you walk away knowing about […]

Review of the Day: Cupcake by Charise Mericle Harper

Cupcake By Charise Mericle Harper Hyperion Books (an imprint of Disney Book Group) $14.99 ISBN: 978-142311897-8 Ages 3-7 On shelves now. You play dirty pool, Charise Mericle Harper. It isn’t enough that you’ve a brand new and very sparkly picture book out. Oh no. You had to go and write one about a cupcake. Cupcakes! […]

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#80-76)

This is going to sound ridiculous, but I want to take a moment to reassure my author readers.  Authors, do not hold too much store by this list.  This list is not the be all and end all.  These books do not represent whether or not you will be remembered in history.  If you do […]

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#85-81)

Sometimes I’d feel like a matchmaker while making this list. Folks would include the same books on their Top 10 lists, but in a slightly different order from one another. They were children’s literary book soulmates, if you will. There was no predicting it either. I’ll have to check and see if anyone had a […]

Press Release Fun: Brandywine River Museum Caldecott Exhibit

Cool.  Were I in Pennsylvania, I would be there. Media Contacts: Hillary Holland or Lora Englehart, 610-388-8337 or    For immediate release:   Drawing from a Story:  Illustrations by Selected Caldecott Medal Winners at the Brandywine River Museum March 20 through May 23, 2010    Chadds Ford, PA  January 18, 2010-The Brandywine River Museum offers […]

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#90-86)

"Arrrrggghhh! A top ten list is impossible to pin down. As the saying goes, it’s like trying to nail Jello to a wall. It’s just so effing subjective." – Grier Jewell That scream of pain was pretty typical of the emails I got when I conducted this poll. It’s true too. On today’s list you’re […]

Top 100 Children’s Novels (#100-91)


It wasn’t enough that I said to you, "Tell me the books that changed your life" was it?  No, it was worse than that. When I asked you to send me your top ten children’s novels of all time, I also wanted you to organize your adoration. I was saying, "Tell me how much they […]

Video Sunday: Bouncy Abbreviated Madness (or B.A.M.)

You know, under normal circumstances I don’t lead off with a book trailer.  But first off, I missed this one when it debuted in October.  Second, it’s just so darn professional.  You could tell me that this was a Saturday morning cartoon series and I’d believe you.  Is that Flash?  Because it’s darn good.  My […]

Fusenews: Ga-Dunk

My prayers have been answered. If by "prayers" I mean "my desire to see out-of-print books rolling off the presses once more". And I do. Oh, how I do. The other day I happened to mention that The Cow Who Sneezed, a Jim Flora classic, will be seeing the light of day once more when […]