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Video Sunday: A bounty! A plethora! A magnificent host of videos!

It makes my life so much easier when there is zero question of what video to begin Video Sunday with. And author Sarah Miller is a door able, as they say. Good work, Sarah. Now convert The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog into The Writer Wants a Cupcake (in which she competes with an equally adorable agent for one) and you’ve got yourself a series.

And now, your daily trailer.  I think I feel asleep at the wheel on this one.  We need to stock up on copies of Beezus and Ramona NOW before the hoardes of children come searching for it on our library shelves. 

, however, had the best line bar none on this.  " ‘I hope you guys like it!’ Selena Gomez says of her new Ramona and Beezus trailer. No. We don’t. Maybe because BEEZUS IS A SEX KITTEN AND RAMONA IS A PINT-SIZED MANIC-PIXIE DREAM GIRL."  Amen, sister.  Thanks to Jana Warnell for the link.

This next one is a bit strange.  Around late 2007 a video came out called Lost Generation.  It became a modest viral hit with an environmental message, like so.

Now Penguin has released what is essentially the same idea, only with a publishing message instead.

What’s disappointing about this is that nowhere in the video, or on its YouTube page for that matter, is a hat tip to Lost Generation.  If you dig deep enough you’ll find an interview with the creator talking about the inspiration, but that’s only if you follow certain links in the YouTube page’s information section.  For all intents and purposes, most folks are assuming the original idea belongs to Penguin, which is a pity.  It was originally prepared for a sales conference, which may explain why the video itself does not explain the influence, but that doesn’t excuse the YouTube page one jot.  Thanks to Gregory K for the heads up.

I don’t know that I’ve ever shown this video of Eric Carle talking about Bill Martin Jr. here before.

One of these days I’d like to have a website where various video interviews with children’s authors and illustrators are collected.  Thanks to Collecting Children’s Books for this link.

This week Educating Alice had a fantastic collection of various Alice in Wonderland-related videos, ads, Muppet Show clips, etc.  I found this ad for Jello to be the most fascinating, though.  Let’s see.  Not only was Disney in on it, not only did they get Sterling Holloway to do the voiceover, not ONLY did they get what sounds like Kathryn Beaumont as well, but they also included the griffin and the mock turtle (who got cut from the actual film itself).

I would watch a film solely starring that griffin.  Heck, give him his own Bravo TV series.  Thanks to Educating Alice for the link.

Monica also directed my attention to this video done by the Everdeen Sisters.  This is a video done in conjunction with the current Battle of the Kids’ Books.  For an explanation and the lyrics in their entirety, you should read this.  Then enjoy.

And now, a public service announcement from Bob Staake.  Um . . . maybe not a work friendly one though.  But boy does it make me crack up.

Early Word had the scoop on a Gaiman interview I’d not seen.  It’s rather lovely.  For you Gaiman fans out there, fun stuff.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Thanks to 100 Scope Notes   for the link.

And finally, for your off-topic bit of joy, it’s spring here in New York City this weekend. We’re all thrilled. And what is spring without a little Tom Lehrer in it?

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  1. Monica Edinger says:

    Hm…why not Tom Lehrer himself? No offense to cute girl with ukulele, but Tom on piano, drawling his lyrics in a smokey club beats her hands down.

  2. What a fantastic collection of videos! I particularly loved Eric Carle’s story about how he and Bill Martin came together and their respective learning challenges. All things ARE possible!

    We are collecting author/illustrator videos, as well as videos about books over on the Children’s Literacy and Reading Wiki. It is slim pickin’s at the moment, and I add to it as I see things (like Video Sundays). It would be great to have more folks contributing to that.

  3. You know, Monica, it never even occurred to me to link to Tom. Just watched him on YouTube. Great fellow, though his version is fairly well known. I like an alternative ukulele selection whenever possible.

    I just realized that I lead off and end with pigeon-related fare. So naturally, I hope that someday Mo Willems illustrates a picture book version of “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”. Just for friends? Maybe. But who else would be as well qualified?

  4. Gregory K. says:

    I just saw the Ramona and Beezus trailer before The Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie this weekend. It was… uh… a surprise. Yeah. A surprise. Judgment withheld until I see beyond the trailer, though. And like you, I had no idea this was coming. (P.S. I’d buy that Mo book :-))

  5. Brenda Ferber says:

    I LOVE that Eric Carle interview. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jennifer Schultz says:

    So Selena Gomez is pizza-face Beezus?

  7. I definitely think that is NOT my Ramona and Beezus. Having said that, I also reserve judgement until the actual movie comes out. I may be willing to take a misguided video like that if it gets more kids checking out the series.

    Aww, you made me cry with that wonderful Eric Carle video! *snif* I’d love, love a repository of author/illustrator videos.


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