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Video Sunday: Rahm VS Vole

Had to lead off with that today. Couldn’t help it. It’s remarkable the effect a British accent has on a Yankee mind. You want to believe everything the person says. And this trailer is entirely delightful. Wow.

Along very much the same lines is yet another reason to live in Chicago.  In conjunction with his Order of Odd Fish art show, author James Kennedy is throwing a "Dome of Doom" dance party.  Here you can see him explain the rules.  All I care is that I love to pieces that Lordess Cockroach outfit.  Love it, I say!

I hope that someone there dresses up like a shark and another person becomes a train. We’d finally be able to determine who would win.

To be entirely technical about it, there’s nothing in this book trailer for Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String by Bob Boyle that you yourself couldn’t do at home. The sole element that might be hard to do would be the sparkle that happens after the whitened teeth moment. Love the infomercial aspect to it, though. Don’t think I’ve seen that in a book trailer before. Can someone correct me?

Less easy would be this music video also created for the book.  For that you need, y’know.  Musicians n’ such.

Generally speaking I often feel that the books that translate the best to book trailers are graphic novels.  A comic is essentially a film put to paper anyway.  Mild animation fills in the gaps and voila!  Instant trailer.  This one’s a fun example of that.  It’s for Jane Yolen’s GN Foiled.  Check it.

And now, the newest Gaiman.  Something to replace Oh, the Places You’ll Go, I should think.  I should hope.

And for today’s off-topic video, it took me a second to figure out what this was.  Once I did, I just couldn’t help but adore the filmmaking.

Thanks to BB-Blog for the link.

UPDATE: Infinite sadness.  The link appears to not be working.  I’ll leave it up in case it comes back.  In the meantime, amuse yourself by watching this woman balance books on her head while reciting PI.  That’s suitably off-topic.

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  1. Amy Goldman koss says:

    I don’t have sound on my computer, but these visuals were fun!

  2. This “Foiled” trailer was beautifully done! I don’t have “sound” either, I’m deaf, and this makes me want to read it and find out what happens. (Besides, Jane Yolen books are the best!)

  3. James Kennedy says:

    Thanks for sharing my ridiculous dancing with the librarian world, Betsy! Too bad you can’t come — it’s going to be raucous. I’ll save a slot for you in the tournament bracket in case you parachute in for a surprise fight.

  4. tanita says: says:

    MAN, these were great videos!! I really think Shark v. Train is such a crazy fun concept. I really love that trailer. I’m excited by the combination of Lady Jane and First:Second Book, and definitely Gaiman trumps Seuss in the Inspirational Graduation Gift department.

    I’m far too amused by that Wharburton’s ad, though. People in the UK take their toasties seriously!!

  5. Oh good. Is it working now? Last night it was giving me an odd error message.