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Fusenews: Sleepytime

After the excitement of yesterday’s post (which I still haven’t spell checked, and I’m a little afraid to do so at this point) combined with last night’s Kidlit Drink Night and Suzanne Collins event . . . well, I’m pooped.  Good thing there’s a little Fusenews to get me through.  Not a lot.  But a little . . .


  • I posted some info this past Sunday on the Ghostbusters that rid my library of its paranormal activity.  For the record, I’m in the deep dark stacks all the time and have yet to run into the ghost of Anne Carroll Moore.  I haven’t given up hope that it’ll happen one of these days, though.  In the meantime, Improv Everywhere gives us some additional background and pictures of the nuttiness.  Thanks to Monica Edinger for the link.

  • Byrd Baylor.  Alive, well, and giving interviews.  Staple of hippie households.  One of the most checked out authors in my children’s room, The Table Where Rich People Sit goes out with a constancy that would be the envy of the other picture books, if they knew.

  • Did you miss my magnificent panel of folks discussing the translation of children’s books?  Never fear!  Rebecca Serle has written the panel up on The Huffington Post for one and all to see.  I’m flattered, I am.

  • Woah. A Neverending Story cake?  That’s one of the many literary pastries Cake Wrecks chose to highlight recently.  Nicely done.

  • Oopsy!  Miss Manners made the mistake of raising the ire of the librarians lately.  Note her post on the subject and the consequent, and mighty peeved, responses.

  • I’ve a new booktalk on the Katie Davis radio show this week. In this particular case, I discuss the Pam Munoz Ryan title The Dreamer.  It’s a doozy.

  • Daily Image:

Bookshelves of doom may have gotten it from the SPOGG blog, but I credit it to her entirely anyway.


Thanks, Leila!

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  1. It ill behooves people who put semicolons after “but” to make comments about the stupidity of others.58f

  2. But you’re fine with the missing apostrophe in “its,” rams?

  3. Also not the misuse of “your” when the correct word is “you’re.”

  4. So many errors in one sign. Too many, come to think of it. I think I missed the joke.