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A Fuse #8 Production
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Librarian Preview: Harper Collins (Fall 2010)

Picture 58

I may have mentioned in the past that for the most recent librarian previews I’ve been taking my laptop along to type upon.  This is a useful strategy but it has yielded a strange result.  When I get home to type from my notes I find that rather than save me time, my notetaking skills […]

Fare Thee Well, Fantastic Boss of Mine!

Picture 60

That man you would see in the video above is John Peters, my boss of the past four years.  He is perhaps THE most knowledgeable person I know in the field of children’s literature.  Yesterday was John’s last day, as he officially retired from working at New York Public Library.  During his time (he began […]

Review of the Day: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger


The Strange Case of Origami Yoda By Tom Angleberger Amulet Books (an imprint of Abrams) $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-8109-8425-7 Ages 9-12 On shelves now. Let us now sit back and consider what the ultimate boy/girl middle grade novel would contain. By which I mean, the novel that perfectly balances out the stereotypical vision of what boys […]

Fusenews: Today we’re all about the visuals


All around this great nation you will find chapters of 826.  Which is to say, storefronts converted into free tutoring facilities for local kids.  There’s an 826NYC (in Brooklyn, inexplicably), an 826DC, an 826 Valencia, you name it.  They encourage folks to volunteer in their cities.  They also encourage artists to get a little freaky […]

A Fuse #8 Prediction: Newbery/Caldecott 2011 Halfway Mark

Yep!  I’ve determined that midway through June is the perfect time to start toting various Newbery/Caldecott predictions.  This time last year I listed When You Reach Me, The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg, and The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate amongst my winners.  Let us all hope I’ve such good luck this year as […]

Video Sunday: There’s GOLD in Them Thar Books!


Sometimes a book trailer attempts to replicate the world of the movie trailer.  Other times, they embrace television advertisements because that, essentially, is what they are.  Now this ad for Basher books is far closer to the latter video form than the former, but you can’t mind that.  For one thing, it uses a grizzled […]

Review of the Day: Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett


Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) By Mac Barnett Illustrated by Dan Santat Hyperion Books $16.99 ISBN: 978-142312312-5 Ages 4 and up. On shelves now. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a name for this new breed of children’s book author/illustrator we’re seeing these days. It’s a […]

Fusenews: Me no know art. But me know what me like. Food!


Great great article in the Bangor Daily News about an exhibit in Maine of Robert McCloskey’s paintings.  Not his paintings for children’s books, mind you.  These were done in his spare time between projects.  His daughters Jane and Sally (the same Sal as Blueberries for Sal) put it together and the piece even has a […]

Hooray for Cake!


Warning: Copious name dropping ensues.  It’s been that kind of a week. I go to the occasional book release party here in New York.  It happens.  Folks are nice and invite librarians and bloggers and such to their big release shindigs.  Maybe they feel sorry for us, sitting in our too small offices, living in […]

Um . . . Didn’t You Go to BEA Recently?

BEA 2010(1)

I did indeed, faithful readers!  Just about the time this blog was headed to an all new format I was traipsing the halls of the Javits Center during Book Expo 2010.  Being a working librarian and all, I was operating my library’s reference desk for most of BEA, but I was able to escape for […]

Review of the Day – Skywriting: Poems to Fly by J. Patrick Lewis


Skywriting: Poems to Fly By J. Patrick Lewis Illustrated by Laszlo Kubinyi Creative Editions $17.95 ISBN: 978-1-56846-203-5 Ages 4-8 On shelves September 1, 2010 We were promised jet packs. That’s what the future was supposed to hold for us. When you think of the future you may imagine things like flying cars or personalized jet […]

Fusenews: Warning – Lint Ball Metaphor Approaching

Las Vegas Ladies

Sometimes I feel like a children’s literature news lint ball.  I just roll about my merry way, picking up the stray bits of ephemera that happen to fall within my purview.  Alternate metaphors: We would have also have accepted lint roller and/or dust bunny. Let us begin today with some movie news.  If you’re like […]

Librarian Preview: Macmillan (Fall 2010)


This would mark the second time all the imprints and various furbelows of Macmillan would gather together to create a slambang grand view of everything coming out on the children’s side of thing this coming Fall 2010.  If you’ll recall my recap of the Macmillan Spring 2010 preview season, in its first incarnation librarians were […]

Video Sunday: Sloth and MLIS Degrees


Okay dokey!  So!  First off, for half a second there I thought I couldn’t embed videos.  Fortunately this morning I found myself a little workaround.  I can now embed almost every video, with some exceptions. Huzzah!  Now.  Librarians doing Lady Gaga.  My first thought off the top of my head is that they’re doing a […]

Review of the Day: Keeper by Kathi Appelt


Keeper By Kathi Appelt Illustrated by August Hall Atheneum (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) $16.99 ISBN: 978-1-4169-5060-8 Ages 9-12 On shelves now. I don’t consider myself a particularly sentimental person. I don’t really cry at movies (E.T. was supposed to go home, for crying out loud). Television shows leave me high and dry (sorry […]