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A Fuse #8 Production
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A big time thanks to my co-writers

I get by with a little help from my friends.  I get quilts from them too, as it happens.

I’ve gotten a slew of amazing and fantastic presents from friends and well-wishers upon the birth of my babe.  Hopefully I’ve thanked you all (if I haven’t, I’m a putz). One gift that I have received that makes for a good blog post is this little number here:

Quilt4 300x168 A big time thanks to my co writers

No, not the baby.  That one I came up with myself.  No, my co-authors Jules Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and Peter Sieruta of Collecting Children’s Books decided to get my offspring something particularly special.  So they pooled their resources and contacted Robin Smith.  Reviewer, teacher,  committee member, amazing gift giver (thank you for the adorable sweater and hat!!!), you may add “quilter” to that list as well.  As it happens, Robin made this marvelous Alice in Wonderland quilt for the Baby Bird.  As you can see, she’s taken to it.

Quilt2 1024x570 A big time thanks to my co writers

And check out that detail!

Quilt3 1024x576 A big time thanks to my co writers

Fantastic stuff.  Big time thanks to Jules, Peter, and Robin.  My wee oiseaux could ask for nothing better.

Quilt1 764x1024 A big time thanks to my co writers

share save 171 16 A big time thanks to my co writers
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  1. Lisa Yee says:

    OMG, so adorable! The quilt and the baby.

  2. Whoa. I love Lily’s dinner-roll cheeks. Are they as excellent for nibbling as they look?

  3. Elizabeth Bird says:

    Excellenter (<— so not a word).

  4. What a cutie! Congratulations! :)