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Cover Reveal: The Quantum League by Matthew Kirby

I’m don’t run what you might call a blog that revels in cover reveals. It takes a special kind of author or illustrator to get me interested. Someone like, oh say, a Matthew Kirby.

Thus it is with great pleasure that I present to you one of his upcoming books. This September we’ll be seeing the release of his The Lost Kingdom. But September’s old news, babies. Let’s look at something even future-er (note to self: not a word).  Behold!  The Quantum League by Matthew Kirby.

Now THAT is a cover!  Curious?  Here’s a description of the plot.

“When Ben Warner discovers that he has the ability to change reality simply by imagining it differently, he is drawn into the secret and powerful world of Actuation. But a dangerous turf war is being waged between opposing gangs of actuators, and suddenly Ben finds himself in the middle of it. Will he be able to harness his powers to save his friends and himself, as he enters a perilous, hidden world full of impossibilities now made possible?


From Edgar Award-winning author Matthew J. Kirby comes a fast-paced, boldly imagined adventure story about the infinite power of imagination.”

Many thanks to Mr. Kirby for the reveal.

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  1. Knowing absolutely nothing about this book and talking utterly out my butt…I wish the girl were the one standing right behind the lead ice-ball-shooting dude. Viewing this cover as the parent of adventure-story-loving daughters, I’m sad that the girl is relegated to the smallest position, third place, in the background. Gut-level response!

  2. But she’s wearing a micro-mini skirt, so she’s going to get all the attention.

  3. Oh, I’m totally cool with the outfit! Sure, the skirt’s short but not it’s tight, and she’s wearing opaque black tights, 3/4 sleeves and boots she can actually run and kick butt in (unlike, oh, ONE MILLION PERCENT of all superhero ladies). I do not wish to slut-shame any tweens, even fictional ones. (Of course, I hope the look actually matches the character as written, but that’s a whole other megillah.)

  4. Matthew Kirby’s already an instant buy for me, but this cover would seal the deal if the deal needed sealing.