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Video Sunday: “Some tenderness to the tree, Will.”

Over Christmas break I got to go to an Alamo Drafthouse in Kalamazoo to see Into the Woods. The theater?  Remarkably fun! The show? Um . . . well there were some problems with it. Enjoyable, sure, but . . . some problems. Problems that I suspect would not be replicated in this fabulous pared down version currently being performed by the Fiasco Theater

Thanks to Aunt Judy for the link.

Okay. So let us say that you’re a celebrity. You have written a children’s book. For whatever reason, you thought the Israel/Palestinian conflict would provide just the right kind of fodder. Now you are being called upon to do a little book promotion for your title. Your options are myriad. You could be enthusiastic and really work to engage the watching potential readership in your book’s story and plot. That’s Option A. Option B would be to compare your book to Charlotte’s Web and Animal Farm (oo de lally) and then sort of phone in the whole thing.  Let us see which option Mr. Duchovny is opting for here.

Don’t nobody tell me nothing. Why was I not informed that the Eerdmans Books for Young Readers site now has its own YouTube channel?  More to the point, why are they one of the few smaller publishers to do this?  It’s easy.  It’s cheap.  Actually, if you back up and look you’ll see that the video posts are just part of the new blog for the publisher called Eerdlings.  And as design layouts go I think they’ve just won.  As for the YouTube show Coffee Break, Ahna and Katherine are remarkably enjoyable to watch and they appear to have been doing this for some time.  I was tempted to link to their video that mentions me alongside some other bloggers (because I am vanity incarnate where the blog is concerned) but instead I’ll link to the infinitely useful How to Be an Author on Facebook episode instead.

Ta, ladies.

Arg!  How did I miss this?  Put this in the pantheon of the greatest book trailers of 2014.  I’m ashamed that it has only now come to my attention.  Great gobs of gratitude to Matthew Winner for drawing my attention to it:

You’ve undoubtedly already seen this on 100 Scope Notes who found this scoop faster than anyone else, but just in case you hadn’t it’s pretty cool. It’s information about an exhibition making the rounds about the country called Hats Off to Dr. Seuss. Blimey.

And for our off-topic video, I am bereft of shame.  Let’s watch animals jumping into things. That is why the internet was invented, yes?  So that we might watch things jump into things?  That is how they’re going to teach it in school 100 years from now anyway.

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