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Cover Reveal: Crab Cake by Andrea Tsurumi

So around March of this year I got a nice little package from HMH Books full of galleys n’ such n’ such. And there. Lo and behold. Front and center and gorgeous as all get out was a book I didn’t even know that I wanted until it was in front of my face.

Yes. You guessed it. It was Andrea Tsurumi’s next picture book.

Just as a reminder to those folks amongst you who might not know, have you ever seen my Twitter avatar? She looks a little something like this:


She is, as Andrea once called her, The Owl Who Gives No Hoots. She is also from the truly fantastic picture book Accident, which came out last year. The book (some on my staff thought had an outside chance at a Caldecott, which it totally would have deserved) follows a little armadillo as her problems multiply in a world gone mad. This is just a small sampling of the chaos found on those pages.

You know what I like best about that owl? She’s using one of her feathers to hold her place in the book. That is the degree to which she is not giving a hoot.

Anywho, my joy at seeing this new Tsurumi book turned to instant sorrow when I realized that it wasn’t coming out anytime soon. Not until February 2019, my pretty chickies. Woe. Woe. Woe.

Now that we are in October of this year, the book doesn’t seem quite so distant. And, best of all, Andrea asked if I’d be interested at all in a cover reveal for the book.

Would I?!? You betcha.

Here then is Crab Cake, in all its 2019 glory. A funny, touching look at pollution that conveys its message without didacticism or preachiness.


The plot, from the publisher:

Under the sea, fish do what fish do: Seahorse hides, Pufferfish puffs up, Parrotfish crunches coral, and Crab . . . bakes cakes?
Scallop swims, Dolphin blows bubbles, and . . . Crab bakes cakes.
And so life goes on, until one night when everything changes with a splash!
In the face of total disaster, can Crab’s small, brave act help the community
come together and carry on?
Feed your craving for a hilarious, heart-warming story with Crab Cake, perfect for budding environmentalists, kids learning to cope with mishaps, and every young reader in between. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see the sweetest little fish wearing a croissant like a hat . . .


Or an octopus raising its tentacle when it has a good idea . . .


Then this is the book for you. For me, it’s about what you do after something really terrible happens. You buck up. You make sure that life goes on. And you bake a cake and discuss how to solve things. And honestly, I just think that’s a great lesson for the times in which we live.

Pass the cake.

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  1. I’m starting to use my new 2019 calendar more and more. The octopus raising its tentacle hooked me! Looking forward to February.