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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Now Playing at Toronto Public Library: The IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities Exhibit

A brand spanking new exhibit is occurring at the Toronto Public Library. Opening tomorrow, it features the “best of the best” from the IBBY Collection for Young People with Disabilities, a multilingual reference collection located at North York Central Library, part of the Toronto Public Library system. But don’t take my word for it.

What Would Be Your Perfect Comic Collection for Kids?

Say you have a budget of $2,500 for a children’s comic collection. What do you put in there? What would you deem absolutely essential and what would you disregard? How many of the materials would be brand new? How many would be older, but essential?

Review of the Day: My Footprints by Bao Phi, ill. Basia Tran

Want a book that’ll stick in your brain for long periods of time for all the right reasons? Chant along with me then . . . my footprints, my footprints, my footprints . . .

Guest Post – Beyond 3 Percent: Translated Children’s Literature in the U.S.

86% of translations are published by small presses. What is the state of children’s literature today and how should it change? David Jacobson guests with some answers.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Pinkwater

We’d not done a Pinkwater book before, and this is a heckuva way to begin. It’s a glorious celebration of disappointing the homeowner’s associations of the world. It also apparently has to do with Nickelodeon, how to keep a pet alligator, and magical mystery lemonade.

Put a Little Swag In Your Step (2019 edition)

This year, I decided to meticulously keep track of every little bit of swag that came my way. Here is a full accounting of what I have found, broken down by category. Perhaps it will be of use or interest to anyone who wishes to start delving into swag of their own.

The Scourge of Skyward Knitting Needles: It Continues

It’s baaaaack! That most wonderful time of the year where we determine once and for all whether or not skilled illustrators are capable of rendering knitting needles correctly on a picture book page. A weird obsession, I’ll grant, but an oddly rewarding one.

Review of the Day: Firefighters’ Handbook by Meghan McCarthy

If there is an art to rendering expository facts with a narrative feel, then Meghan McCarthy is this type of book’s Vincent Van Gogh. Never sacrificing beauty, never skimping on reality, she provides the perfect balance while also managing to come up with books that kids will really really enjoy reading. A treat to eye and ear and a blessing to parents of the firefighting obsessed nationwide. The best at what it aims to be.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, Ruth E. Harper & Nancy M. Leak

There is NO doubt that today’s book is loved deeply by Kindergarten teachers, but would you call it a picture book classic worthy of keeping on shelves for decades to come? I really didn’t know how Kate would react to this one when I handed it to her. Would she be charmed? Be appalled? As ever, Kate surprises me. She’s good at that.

Story & Pictures By: The Documentary You’ve Been Waiting For

You may have heard a bit about this documentary floating about on the winds. Today I’d like to highlight this film currently in production. It has a Kickstarter going and needs your help. With 18 days to go, it’s a little more than halfway to its goal. If you can, please check it out:

Press Release Fun: SCBWI’s 3rd Annual Literacy Initiative Gives Books to Readers in Need

Children’s Book Creators Join Forces to Provide High Quality Books Plus a Literary Celebration for REACH in Norfolk, Virginia! Los Angeles, October 10, 2019 The members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators join forces once again as part of the organization’s annual SCBWI Books For Readers literacy initiative to collect, curate, and […]

Review of the Day: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart

It’s kind of gratifying to know that the story has been finding its audience. And what child wouldn’t find the notion of living on a school bus, tricked out like a long, yellow mobile home, enticing?

Vintage Reviews from 2006: Behind the Mask by Yangsook Choi

It’s the first of my new Vintage Reviews series. Today I travel back in time to 2006, the first year I started blogging. What book did I review for Halloween that year? Turns out, it was this now out-of-print but still beautiful classic.

Me and My Brudda: Jeff Kinney & Patrick Kinney Discuss the Who Was? History Bee

I’m a big time Jeff Kinney fan over here. That’s why I got a teeny bit puzzled when I heard that he was getting involved with something called “Who Was? History Bee” along with some fella named *checks press release* a “Patrick Kinney”. So what precisely is going on here? Some answers come in the form of an interview with the duo.

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: In a Dark, Dark Room by Alvin Schwartz

Halloween is almost upon us! And like every year, Kate is always challenging me to come up with some classic scares. This year, we’ve seen Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark adapted to the silver screen. Seems only natural to then pull out what I would consider to be Schwartz’s other scary classic for kids. What I had not counted on was that in 2017 Harper Collins re-illustrated the series. What to do? Well… why not do both versions?