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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

I Spy with My Little Eye: Conference Floor Findings

Today I will display for you all those books that are making me prick up my ears and eyes in some way. Some of these are reprints or books that are coming out in new formats or with new titles. For the most part, however, these are all new to me. Are they good? Are they bad? Only one way to find out!

Books for Dyslexic Child Reader: Why the British Do It Better

“Don’t ask what’s wrong with the reader, ask what’s wrong with the book.” After discovering that the British have a publisher that produces high quality books specifically aimed at dyslexic readers, I investigate further and attempt to figure out why America hasn’t taken similar steps to meet this evident need.

In the Public Eye: Iranian Creators of Children’s Books

Iran. For whatever reason, Iranian children’s books and creators from Iran are on the rise. Today, I’d like to give a bit of a rundown on these books. They vary in content and style. Some are folktales and others are contemporary. Some were published in Iran first, and some were published here in the States.

Live Oak, With Moss: Selznick and Whitman (and Sendak?) Together At Last

Beautiful to its core. Today we examine the Whitman/Selznick collaboration that was sparked by Maurice Sendak and we think about why the adult publishing world is afraid of trying something new sometimes.

Off-Handed Art: Collecting the Sketches of Visiting Children’s Book Creators

When an illustrator is making a visit to a library, it is customary for the children’s librarians to provide large easels and pieces of paper upon which the creator might draw something. Then, I have no doubt, many librarians save these sketches. But how old is this practice?

What We Keep Hidden Away

Fess up, librarians. Let it out. What do you keep in a drawer or cabinet or closet that you cannot part with?

Blurb Blurb Blurb Blurb

Who would be your Top Five aspirational blurbees? The five people you’d like to receive blurbs from for your books. They wouldn’t have to work in the children’s book field, necessarily. It would just be neat if they said something nice about your book.

The Translation Conundrum: What to Do? What to Do?

If you wanted more translated children’s books here in America, what kinds of concrete proposals would you give to publishers, translators, and non-profits?

Funny Girl, Funny Face: Fanny Brice and Eloise

Many of us know that Kay Thompson based the character of Eloise on a stage persona she’d once performed in nightclubs. But were you aware of Fanny Brice’s similar character from decades before Eloise’s appearance? I examine the relationship between these two “little girls”.

Book Stank: The Picture Book Conundrum

In which we spend too much time contemplating the olfactory experiences that come with physical, print books.

Swag Trends

Today we’re going to rate the swag of 2019. From the best of the best to the absolute worst. I warn you. Glitter is involved.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Back Cover Reveal

I get a query the other day from Abrams. Would I have any interest in revealing the back cover of the new upcoming Wimpy Kid spin-off Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson’s Journal (out April 9th)? Here’s the reveal, done live with real kids, flying jelly beans, and (naturally) a fancy scroll.

Guest Post: “… doing our very best only.” Marc Aronson and the Global Cooperation of the Thai Cave Rescue

Today I am pleased to be hosting Marc Aronson, the writer, editor, publisher, speaker, and historian. This post discusses his new work Rising Water: The Story of the Thai Cave Rescue which, in a starred review, Kirkus said his, “Solid writing preserves the natural rising suspense and astonishing details of this rescue.”

The Quintessential Librarian Stereotype: Wrestling With the Legacy of Anne Carroll Moore

Folks, it’s time to have a reckoning when it comes to Anne Carroll Moore.

For Example, Take These Joke Books . . . Please!

What’s the best joke book on the market for kids today? Here are some recent publications vying for the prize.