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A Fuse #8 Production
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Newbery / Caldecott 2014: Fall Prediction Edition


ATTENTION!!!  If you are planning on watching the live feed of the Newbery/Caldecott announcements during the ALA Youth Media Awards presentation, come half an hour earlier and check out my pre-game show where I will join cohort Lori Ess in discussing the potential winners.  Afterwards we will note which Mock Newberys, Mock Caldecotts, Mock Printzs, [...]

Giant Dance Party: A Bank Street Bookstore Appearance


Ah.  I’ve been lax on my announcements here.  Did I mention to you that this past Saturday I’d be hosting a Children’s Literary Salon at NYPL that was all about the Caldecott Award winning artist duo The Petershams?  I did not.  I have been lax.  Thus, in the spirit of humble self-promotion I present my [...]

Don’t Cry, Darling, It’s Blood All Right


I was recently delighted to find myself a guest of a friend at Martha’s Vineyard this past Labor Day weekend. Not having been before I didn’t really know what to expect. On the whole my family and I found the weekend sublime and tasty, as lobsters are common there and very cheap to eat. The [...]

The New National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature: Who’s It Gonna Be?


There must be a psychological disorder associated with an extreme preference for speculation over cold hard facts.  Or, at the very least, a layman’s term for it.  But until I research this fully, let us indulge my proclivities and talk a little about the National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature and all that it entails.  [...]

2014: It’s Never Too Early to Get Excited


Howdy, folks! So as crazy as it sounds, some 2014 titles have been wandering into my arms.  And if that weren’t enough, some of them look positively awesome.  With the given understanding that I’ve only read a few of these (and they were picture books, so I’m not exactly straining my abilities here) I present [...]

The Complete Listing of All Public Children’s Literature Statues in the United States


Write a title to your blog post like that you are just SETTING YOURSELF UP for trouble.  But I like trouble.  I eat it for breakfast.  Or, at the very least, gnaw on it idly at lunch. In the past I’ve noted each appearance of a statue pertaining to children’s literature when it crops up, [...]

The NYPL Exhibit You Won’t Hear as Much About


All the talk in the press and the news recently has concentrated on New York Public Library’s current children’s literary exhibit The ABC of It, as curated by Leonard Marcus.  It is, justifiably, remarkable.  But exit the exhibit and you’ll find that it’s not the only children’s literary piece going on in the library at [...]

Picture Book Occupational Hazards: Zookeepers


Bah.  Rabble rousing is too much work.  Let’s take a break today and talk about occupations as they exist solely in the world of children’s literature. These days my little Bird is a bright and sprightly 2-year-old chock full o’ glee.  Reading through her books with her, I recently noticed that certain jobs come up [...]

Exclusive Book Trailer Premiere: Chick-o-Saurus Rex

Giveaways don’t make my heart beat faster and blog tours leave me cold.  But offer me an exclusive on a cover release or a book trailer and look how excited I get.  I’m positively giddy.  Today’s is particularly exciting for me because it’s a chance to highlight a fellow blogger-turned-author.  Over the years I’m sure [...]

Trendwatch 2013: A Mid-Year Assessment


Obviously I can’t read everything in a given year for the kiddos.  Someday SOMEDAY this will change. I shall sit upon a velvet cushion while faithful servants serve me peeled grapes as I devour all the books published in the current year.  And I’ll have a pony!  I mean, while we’re dreaming. In the meantime [...]

American Library Association Annual Conference Thoughts and Recaps: 2013 Edition (Part Two)


In which our heroine discovers the true price of donning the outwear of men and takes horrendous advantage of a blood relation Saturday morning bloomed bright and clear.  The perfect weather for lugging yourself out of bed at an ungodly hour.  At past ALAs I’ve eschewed publishers’ breakfasts since they have a tendency to occur [...]

American Library Association Annual Conference Thoughts and Recaps: 2013 Edition (Part One)


Howdy.  Well, by this point we’ve all settled back into our daily routines just in time to take a day off for July 4th.  What better opportunity than now to finally tackle the question of “How was ALA?”.  AL Direct recently released their Top Ten tweets of the ALA conference. I was mighty pleased to [...]

We Return. We Recoup. We Recuperate.

Newbery:Caldecott 2013

This is as close to an approximation of my full Newbery/Caldecott Banquet outfit as you’ll be able to find. I believe many a photo was snapped but so far only Ed Spicer was able to get one online at this moment in time (thanks for the pic, Ed!).  I think you can make out the [...]

The ABC of It: New York Public Library gives a children’s literary exhibit its all


It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you have easy access to amazing things the relative value you place upon those things diminishes significantly after a surprisingly short amount of time. Case in Point: When I worked across the street from the MOMA for several years it was apparently too difficult for me, even [...]

ALA Chicago 2013: What’s There to Do?

This isn’t going to be quite as comprehensive as it might be, but I tried to put together a little info sheet for folks trying to figure out what’s going on where in the children’s literary realm at this week’s American Library Association conference in Chicago.  Here’s something I’ve cobbled together, though it’s missing a [...]