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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Oh, What a Time It Was: The ALA Annual 2016 Conference Floor


Sweaty, sticky, moist Orlando edition. So here’s a new way to experience the American Library Association Conference.  We’re going to tackle it in a visual way.  Which is to say, if I took a picture of it, it’s going into this post.  Here then is a look at what caught my eye on the conference […]

A Taste of the Floor (ew!): ALA Annual Conference 2012 (Day Two)


Full credit to the good people of Sterling for keeping a handy coffin on hand! So Friday actually was a bigger kick-off of than I initially led you to believe, and on the conference floor it was all anyone could talk about.  I alluded to it briefly but hadn’t expected the conversations about it to […]

Just Call Me Guy Incognito: ALA Annual Conference 2012 (Day One)


Check this out: That would be my press pass for this year’s 2012 ALA Conference held in beautiful (though strangely stormy and cold as of Thursday) Anaheim, California.  Having hopped a plane from my native New York I now find myself on the opposite coast, a full country-sized swath away from my young.  Fortunately there […]

If I Were a Rich Girl: The Children’s Literary Conference and Convention Tour

Ever have that moment where you wish you were independently wealthy?  Let’s say you are and that you’re also a children’s librarian (dream with me here) who can take leave anytime you wish.  What would you ideally love to do?  Me, I’ve got a plan in place.  When the universe informs me that I’ve won […]

Fusenews: It’s a mouse. It’s a monkey. It’s a blue footed booby.


So I’m at a lovely picture book author’s event the other night at Sharlene’s (note the shameless plug for my friend’s bar) and while talking to some industry folks I hear a rumor I’d previously been unaware of.  “Did you know that they’re thinking of merging the ALA and BEA conferences?”  Uh . . . […]

ALA Convention Floor 2010: The Days of Wine and Swag Have Gone

Picture 1

When last we left our intrepid hero, she was spending five hours in a Washington D.C. emergency room rather than hanging out with, oh say, Karen Cushman at a Kidlit Drink Night.  So there was that. The next day, however, I was determined to make up for lost time.  Alas, being determined and actually convincing […]

ALA 2010: Remembering What I’ve Forgotten


Well, I’m proud to say that the resident husband and I have arrived safe and sound in ALAla land.  Washington D.C. welcomed us like a too affectionate panting dog, all moisture and temperatures over 90 degrees.  Ah, swampy capital.  How I’ve missed ye. I begin by planning out my itinerary for the next few days. […]