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Battle of the Books

2013 Judge: Kathi Appelt

Twice Kathi Appelt’s books have duked it out here, and both times they went down to worthy challengers.  But she is not bitter.  Instead, she has focused her energies on her next novel, The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp, which features raccoons, pirates, an alligator wrestler, and a giant rattlesnake named Gertrude.  When she is not tramping around in imaginary swamps, she is a member of the faculty at Vermont College of Fine Arts.  She and her husband Ken share their home in College Station, TX with four gifted and talented cats:  Peach, Jazz, Hoss and D’jango.  They’ve been trying to teach Kathi the ancient language of Catalian, but so far she has only mastered a few nouns, all of which begin with the letter “m.”

Kathi Appeltthe blue scounts cover


  1. Sam Bloom says:

    Fantastic choice!

  2. ElleLibrarian says:

    I look forward to reading this book! 2013 is definitely going to be another year of great books!

  3. Oh Yay!, One of funniest and warmest peoples in the world. I will forever be grateful for her kindness to my school. And she has a new book out this year!!!!!!! I couldn’t mark it as to-read on GoodReads quick enough.

    Will the judges be announced in the order they are to judge or, as it might be guessed, alphabetically? Since I’m sure she is as fluent in elephant and gorilla as cat and seagull, this might give IVAN an advantage if she were chosen to judge his bracket.

  4. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Now, now, Danae, we aren’t going to show our cards regarding who is judging what THIS early! It will be ABC order with the exception of the Big Kahuna who will be announced at the very, very end.

  5. Genevieve says:


  6. YAY! Kathy Appelt is one of my favirote authors (especially loved Keeper). I love her unique writing style & look forward to reading her new book!

  7. Oh My Word!! Once upon a time, Kathy Appelt hosted a guest posted on my blog!! She talked about the wonder Keeper and about The Magic Whistle and endowed objects. It was beautiful. I cannot wait to see what books she judges!


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