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Battle of the Books

Post-Bracket and Judge Reveal Peanut Gallery

So glad to see that folks are busy reading our contenders. As of February 9th Holly Mueller had read about half of the contenders. Bet she’s farther along now!  Leila over at Bookshelves of Doom‘s read four as of a few days ago.

Then there is Book Nut whose book pile here has her fretting:

My TBR pile was actually under control. And then the SLJ BoB crew announced their lineup and my pile exploded.

As for Katie over at Book Love, she’s catching up and thinking about the final three.

When I first saw the 2013 Contenders, I was dismayed to learn that I had only read ONE out of SIXTEEN. That is shameful, book lovers. But then I just hurried up and requested the rest from my lovely local library, and now I’ve got four down (with twelve to go… yikes!).

Mrs. F-B thinks that:

It’s gonna be a tough year, folks!  Several that I loved are on the list.  Now I NEED to finish Bomb right away and Titanic.  I’m enjoying it much more this second time around.  Glad my arm was twisted to try it again.

And here’s loyal BoB follower Liz Burns who will be posting about the daily battles and more. Yay!peanuticon4

I find it a lot of fun, both because of the randomness in which the books go up against each other, and also because of what the judges select and how they come to a determination of which book “wins”.

These days it seems much of the reaction is happening over at Twitter.








  1. …and then we fancast a Code Name Verity movie. I would say sorry, but I’m really not. Our cast was awesome.

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