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Battle of the Books

2013 Contenders Speak: Day 3

THE ONE AND ONLY IVANoneandonlyicon

Hello everybody and welcome to the Battle of the Kids’ Books. I am a gorilla and an artist.  I give things a lot of thought and I am very determined. I keep my promises and I do not waste words. Also, I am a kid’s book (unlike my first round competitor who features a GROWN-UP, Lewis Micheaux) and this is a competition for kid’s books only and NOT by any means a grown-up competition. But the real reason I should win is because I deliver a strong message about animal cruelty and I will touch the heart of every reader who reads me.

—  aj, 6th grade & gd, 5th grade


My name is Seraphina. I am a “fiery” (inside joke, read me)  and adventurous, but mysterious, book about a girl with a secret that should not be revealed in her world, or she will be in great danger. The secret? She is a half-dragon. I am a suspenseful book full of dragons, mistrust, an age-old prejudice, and a treaty between two sides in a long-lasting silent war, that’s in danger of being broken. Seraphina is a bridge between worlds, and she could be the only one who can save the people of Goredd from a dragon gone rogue, and the answer to a murder unsolved. Don’t judge me or my main character by our covers. Or our scales. Read me and make the judgement afterward!


— ks, 5th grade & lk, 5th grade


Hi, I’m Splendors and Glooms and although I’m pretty creepy, if you get to know me you’ll like me. I’ve got a puppet master with evil intentions, a dying witch, brave orphans, and a rich girl who wants to fix what is wrong in her life. I am a nice person, really just don’t get on my bad side or…. Let’s just say that I hope you like to dance. I should win this competition because I show bravery, courage, kindness, and caring. And even though I am a little scary I am the most exciting book that people will read and love for a very long time.

* Beware, if you don’t pick me, I might pass a deadly legacy onto you…


—  aj, 6th grade & lk1, 5th grade

starryrivericonSTARRY RIVER OF THE SKY

I tell a tale of love and acceptance in the cutest way. But I also show how myths can transform people, how snails and a little bit of thought can make enemies friends, and how maybe, just perhaps, these tall tales can be true. Rendi, my main character, is on one such journey, and he has a lot to discover…and I think the judges will discover how worthy I am to win the matches!


— rgn, 8th grade


  1. Steffaney Smith says:

    I am so impressed with the student contender synopses. I’m going to print them out and put them on display with the brackets I have already framed and given a place of honor on a bookcase in the children’s room of our library. Surely some kids will be tempted to read these books after hearing the contenders speak for themselves!

  2. Dana Stemig says:

    I’ve also printed them out and will be displaying them with the books. Such a fun activity.

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    So good to hear this! We also suggest getting kids to write as books themselves. Was a very fun activity for them.

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