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Battle of the Books

Eve of the Battle Peanut Gallery

Brandy’s got some thoughts,wishes, and guesses.


Battle of the Books begins on Tuesday!!!! My anticipation level at this point is pretty high. I get ridiculously excited about this every year. Usually I have one book that I love and want to see win, and one that I want to see go down quick. That is not the case this year. While I do have a favorite, I also have several other books I love in the battle. And I didn’t loathe any of them. I sort of don’t know what to do with that.

The LibrariYAn appreciated our posts of the past week:


The start of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Kids Books is just days away.  Before we get into the grueling face-offs, BoB is giving each book a chance to introduce itself.  And in the most adorable way possible: with introductory blurbs written by student readers, in the voice of the book. Holy wow!

I loved these books before.  And now they have personalities.  Written by witty teens and pre-teens.  Who is their English teacher? Give that (wo)man or those (wo)men a raise.  Pronto.  Seriously.  It’s a pretty serious writing task to personify a book.  And these are the bees knees.


The Card Catalog’s ruminations:


There are two months each year when I get overly obsessive about children’s literature (I know, my siblings and roommates would say “Only TWO?? Just who do you think you’re fooling?”). The ALA Media Awards in January are like my Oscars. And the SLJ Battle of the Kid’s Books (BOB) is like my Super Bowl/March Madness/World Series or any other sports comparison you’d like to make.

BooksnStories been reading:


Ah, reading…  It is a salve to my weary – and sometimes restless – soul.  Over at Battle of the (Kid’s) Books, you can now vote for the one book in the entire contest that you want to return to the Final Round if it gets voted off.  I LOVE this part of BoB because sometimes a worthy book falls short of a worthy judge’s expectations.  Ya know what I mean?  Judges are human.

And then there is Horn Book editor Roger Sutton’s rant..I mean, take (and he’s got something intriguing in the works about this):


and I hope the SLJ judges will similarly refrain from holding back–too often those judges indulge in ostentatious and overlong handwringing about how HARD it is to DECIDE between two such ever-shining testaments to the power of the written word, blah, blah, blah, awesome, awesome, wimp out, PEACE.


Over at twitter:

Maureen E ‏@elvenjaneite I do not like it that the Undead Poll tells me that a particular title currently has 28% of the vote. IT MAKES ME ANXIOUS, TWITTER.#SLJBoB
ThaRealDavidson ‏@ThaRealDavidson .@sljournal Tried to vote twice but you caught me! Sorry, Bomb! I tried, but my first love is #tFios.. @realjohngreen #sljbob
Eliot Schrefer ‏@EliotSchrefer An absolutely hilarious 8th-grader gave Endangered its very own voice! You rock, rgn. …@sljbob#sljbob


  1. AHHHHHH, I haven’t even OPENED Bomb! Stop the clocks! Slow the earth down! And we lose an hour tonight! AHHHHHHH!

  2. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Read Bomb!!!

  3. I have to say I’m almost as excited about reading Roger Sutton’s take on the judgements as reading the judgements themselves.

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