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Battle of the Books

The 2015 Battle Plans

And here we are with this year’s battle plans. I know some of you are going to scream (as you already begged us to not do this:), but we stayed with the traditional alphabetical order by title. Sorry!  So, what do you all think? Which eight will advance to Round 2? Will the Newbery curse hold?  (You can find the full brackets –sans judge assignments — here.)


  1. I say this better be the year that the Newbery winner goes past the first round.

    A couple of these matches already break my heart.

  2. I’m so glad the battle plan is out. Now I can plan the rest of my reading accordingly, in the hopes that I will be able to get all of them done before that particular match comes up.

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Let the guessing game start! Can you predict the 8 titles that will advance to Round 2?

  4. Love it! This graphic y’all have provided is excellent! I can fire up the poster-making machine and make it huge to go on the walls and windows. The fabulous art work will pique the interest of the students and staff. Just add the judges’ pictures with the witty bios you have provided, and we have a tournament!

  5. Eric Carpenter says:

    I’ll bite…
    Advancing to the next round will be: Brown Girl Dreaming, Egg & Spoon (because the newbery curse is real), Family Romanov, Grasshopper Jungle, Poised Apples, Port Chicago 50, This One Summer and We Were Liars.
    This will all lead to an incredible final match up of Grasshopper Jungle (which will win over the judges with its daring), We Were Liars (because it rereads better than anything in this year’s battle) and the back from the dead El Deafo (i.e. the people’s champ).
    Can’t wait to see how very wrong I am!


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