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The Ties That Binds Are Not Just The Books

The Arlington Advocate ran a very heartfelt letter, Libraries Add To Town's Fabric, written by Bill Berkowitz who shared his thoughts on some recent budget cuts that may result in The Fox Library closing if the override fails. In it he wrote"…the library is not just a place to borrow books and search the Internet. It's also a place where […]

So Who Are Our Students?

eSchool news is running an article Ed 'visionaries': Schools must change written by Robert Brumfield (courtesy David Warlick blog). In it, Susan Patrick the director of educational technology for the U.S. Department of Education spoke at the fourth annual Education Visionary Conference in Washington D.C. and she continued with where she left off at The Summit. […]

It’s What You Say?

So what is this “Library Speak” that the average person doesn’t understand about the librarian communities? In a previous blog I mentioned that Summit attendees thought “it was time to start translating library speak.” There’s an Acronym Cheat Sheet one can use if they can stumped on an ALA or CECA acronym. But it’s more […]

Weblogg-ed Visits VSB

An issue raised at the SLJ Summit by the attendees was the need to"start translating 'library speak' into a language that teachers, administrators and maybe the general public could understand." Finding that common language seems to be paramount in all areas of education. Ironically, the term blog is also part of a growing on-line vernacular […]

Web-logged Visit – Concludes

A.B. Could you offer any insights on alternative assessments in an age when technological and digital information are steering many of the tasks in classes? W.R. "I think that in the next ten years we're going to move away from an assessment paradigm that focuses on testing to one that measures performance and contribution. What […]

Doug Johnson’s Closing Thoughts

A.B. What role does the librarian have in engaging the 21st Century Learner?D.J. “In answering this question, I would highly encourage all educators to read EDUCAUSE’s online book, Educating the Net Generation – especially the introduction and first chapter. The authors do a wonderful job of aggregating the findings of a number of studies of […]

Doug Johnson (Part 3)

A.B. During the Summit, you were in on my 21St Century challenge group. The word collaboration came up several times. Why is this word the one word participants used to explain what needs to be done for the 21st. century library and learner? Are there other words/terms you came away with after the Summit? D.J. […]

Doug Johnson Speaks (Part 1)

I had a chance to conduct an online interview with Doug Johnson to further discuss some issues he raised in the comments section of the VSB.  A.B. Explain what you meant when you stated "David Moursund and the ISTE people "got it." What did they get, that others are benefiting from? D.J. "My concern about ISTE […]

Doug Johnson-Part 2

A.B. You mentioned "I addressed the issue of this blending of librarian and technologist way back in 1998 in a column called Librarians are from Venus; Technologists are from Mars" What issues are being debated now that weren't back in 1998? Are their other underlying issues you feel resonate with this topic? Has there been any […]

Readers, Writers, Bloggers in Schools

Anne Davis regularly posts about her budding student writers who use blogs as a way to enhance their writing skills. She's also recuperating from surgery and while I was checking in to see how she was, I saw a comment on her site Here is a link to upper school bloggers who are using writing […]