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We Heard You Loud and Clear

Now that the SLJ Virtual Summit Blog (VSB) is up and running there is lots to reflect on and also work toward. But of course, before any great venture, there are always some housekeeping notes. 
1) Regarding  RSS feeds (thanks for the emails) we are definitely looking into this and will apprise everyone when it is available.
2) This is the most important point…You don't have to a be a Summit participant to be a part of the VSB community. ALL ARE WELCOME to join in!  
3) As Evan stated in yesterday's email, "for those of you who would feel more comfortable contacting him" please email him directly. 
4) I know I am being redundant but this is a communal effort and everyone's voice will be posted so your feedback and expertise in your respective areas will help us to facilitate this blog. We have already received some great follow-up notes that are must reads.

Recently, I have been combing through the evaluation forms you filled out (post-Summit). In all honesty, the evaluation forms were pretty consistent. Here's what some of you said when asked…What did you like best about the Summit?

"the mix of participants."
"networking opportunities."
"I came away with a strengthened resolve to make a difference."
"getting to meet so many passionate and articulate professionals."
"As a literacy person, it was very interesting to me to learn about the issues in relation to school libraries."
"cohesive steps to reach outcomes."
"a chance to discuss common concerns."
"Breaking out of  'intra' perspective."
"The opportunity to discuss issues with colleagues from across disciplines."
"It was powerful and inspiring to network with and exchange ideas with so many well-known and widely respected leaders in the fields fo school library media, reading and technology."
"Meeting so many people that were so famous! This surpassed being at the "Oscars."
"I met people that wrote things I've implemented."
"Hats off to the vision of bringing this all together."

Now…here's what some of you said when you were asked, "what improvements could have made this a better experience for you?"

"Too much to do in a short period of time."
"Very tightly scheduled – we needed a bit more time for such important, meaningful work."
"We would have accomplished more in creating a more specific agenda for the future by limiting our objectives."
"Evan needs to be able to concentrate on listening."
"Quicker identification of the problems."
"Too ambitious to come up with an action plan."
"Opening day, panels had too many on each."
"Challenges groups were too large."

Personally, I agree with each of these responses. It was as someone wrote "a great first Summit." Now that it's ended (technically speaking) has there been anything more you wish could have been discussed? What are your own expectations coming out of the real summit and into a virtual one? Any takers on this one?

Please know if you were not present at the Summit….THAT'S OKAY.  Feel free to chime in.  This is a portal for all of those exposed to the 21st century learner. That is just about every body.Right?

Lastly, I have to do this now; since we're just beginning (so to speak). But I would also be remiss if I didn't take a quick blog moment to thank the people behind the "nuts and bolts" of the VSB. This type of initiative takes more than just one or two people to make happen and in all honesty, it's never easy. So thank you to the staffers at SLJ/Reed Business Information for making this blog the come to life.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Jo Dervan says:

    Yes, it is possible to have all those jobs. Most of us in the field for many years have been doing all of them. The ideal way to do it is to prioritize. You cannot do everything everyday. However we do juggle many jobs and wear many hats. Those of us who are most successfulare the ones who have integrated ourselves into the heart of our school not the ones who hide in our libraries.

  2. Jo Dervan says:

    Obviously I’m new to blogs and posted this in the wrong place.

  3. Jo,
    Welcome to the blog world and thank you for your comment.
    I agree with you completely. And in this digital age, it’s so important to be “out and about.” At the Summit, there was lively debate re:How to integrate into the schools? That is sometimes the hard part. No?


  4. J,
    I too teach and oversee how library and technology programs/resources are integrated throughout the K-12 curriculum. It’s an awesome time to be in education in the information age. So much to do, and many bridges to build.
    Thanks for the comment,

    – Amy

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