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Defining Educator X

Doug Johnson is in the process of providing the SLJ VSB with some thoughtful follow-up insight to a column he wrote back in May of 1998, Librarians are from Venus; Technologists are from Mars. In his article Doug maps out the the role of the Librarian vs. the role of the Technologist. He also writes about the new "Educator X" and describes  a field guide for this "rare bird."
He writes….

"I have known Educator X's who are called librarians, technology directors, media specialists, information specialists, computer coordinators, information literacy teacher, teacher librarians, etc. Those of you who fill the Educator X role know who you are. Those of you who want to become an Educator X or want to hire one know the habitats in which they thrive."

How has the role of Educator X's evolved since 1998?  Your feedback for Doug.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Doug,
    Now I know what to call myself: an Educator X! I am evolving into something new as my four roles expand, contract, and change.