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What’s Really At Stake?

High Stakes: Technology and Collaborative Teaching  

In addition to assessing readiness for change in terms of the teaching practices of the school that relate to the innovation and in terms of the overall culture of the school, teacher-librarians need to consider the needs of the individual teachers in the school. Even in effective schools, teachers do not all pay the same costs in making changes in their practice. The Concerns-Based Adoption Model provides an analysis tool for assessing where teachers are in relation to an innovation, in terms of their concerns about and use of the innovation (Hall & Loucks, 1982). This model recognizes that teachers experience changes in their feelings about an innovation as well as changes in their skills in using the innovation. The teacher-librarian, informally but systematically, can discuss with the teachers how they feel about collaborative work and how they are utilizing technology in their teaching. Levels of use can also be ascertained by observation and by analysis of planning documents such as the teacher-librarian's plan book and the year plans of the school and of individual teachers.

Dr. Dianne Oberg
Associate Professor
School of Library and Information Studies—————
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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