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It’s What You Say?

So what is this “Library Speak” that the average person doesn’t understand about the librarian communities? In a previous blog I mentioned that Summit attendees thought “it was time to start translating library speak.” There’s an Acronym Cheat Sheet one can use if they can stumped on an ALA or CECA acronym. But it’s more than that. Right?

Linda Cornwell, a former school librarian who is now national literacy specialist for classroom libraries and teacher resources for Scholastic Inc., stated “Unfortunately, when librarians use their professional vernacular with teachers, there’s a disconnect about what we do and how we support them.” It was also reported that at some of the Summit working sessions there was a disconnect that cropped up between public librarians, school librarians and reading specialists not understanding one another.
Did anyone find this happening in their session? Or if you weren’t at the Summit and you find this is an issue at your school, please comment on how you think this problem can be remedied. Frankly, I think administrators should be added into this vernacular loop too.

Linda has also compiled a great list of books to inspire boys to read and has written a wonderful article on The Importance of Information Literacy.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. amy bowllan says:

    thank you for your thoughtful comments Dianne and your analogies are great!