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The Ties That Binds Are Not Just The Books

The Arlington Advocate ran a very heartfelt letter, Libraries Add To Town's Fabric, written by Bill Berkowitz who shared his thoughts on some recent budget cuts that may result in The Fox Library closing if the override fails. In it he wrote"…the library is not just a place to borrow books and search the Internet. It's also a place where people have a chance to meet each other, to catch up with neighbors, to make new connections, to build and maintain the human relationships that make a community. The library is social glue; it bonds the community together." 

In another related story (same community), The Robbins Library in Arlington is also experiencing budget cuts that are resulting in staff reductions and declining hours of operation. Library board member Katharine Daley Fennelly speaks out in her letter stating,"Two years ago, when citizens were asked to raise their taxes to support local services, the majority said "no." As a result, Robbins Library is now closed Thursday mornings and Sunday afternoons, the most popular times for families to go to the library. Passage of the June 11 override will not restore any of the library services listed above, but will prevent the library from being closed more hours;"  (Town has shown its support for libraries)

The SLJ Summit raised the issue of budget cuts at the local level that has been affecting libraries in schools. I've also been reading through comments from readers experiencing similar problems. Has anyone experienced budget cuts that are directly affecting their jobs? Please comment.

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-Amy Bowllan